Is our current era boring?


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Considering we’re not aware of any current active time travelers in 2023… Why is it the case?

Is it because our current era is boring? Would that explain why we’re not being visited by time travelers?

Maybe the time travelers come from a future so distant, that we’re not interesting at all to them. Is that a possibility? Like us, having no interest in visiting monkeys.

What do you think?
I think we don’t know of any time travelers in the current day because of two very good possibilities:
  1. They’re actually here, but they’re deliberately not being reported.
  2. They are here, but they made themselves unable to be detected by anything in Earth’s technology.
That video is on ApexTV’s channel. That premise alone almost guarantees it’s a fake.

Later in the video, the guy shows us the footage he got back from the year 2100. It looks incredibly bad and fake.

Sorry, but to me this is as fake as it gets.
I think we don’t know of any time travelers in the current day because of two very good possibilities:
  1. They’re actually here, but they’re deliberately not being reported.
  2. They are here, but they made themselves unable to be detected by anything in Earth’s technology.
Over the years we’ve considered that solution many times. There’s a problem with the logic.

If we assume that time travel to the past is actually possible and that at some time in the future it is actually invented and we ask ourselves the question, “How long has time travel in this part of the universe been available?” the logical answer is it has been here forever in both the past and future.

If you could somehow stand “outside” the universe as a God-like creature and look inside the universe as an observer you might be able to see the day time travel was first used. It might take a million years but eventually the secret of the technology gets out - there is no way to prevent that from happening. Now the technology itself is present in the past - those people can build time machines. They can purposely or accidentally let the secret out again. Eventually time travel technology is available at all times in the past. This is what our God-like creature sees happening. From that POV the God-like creature can see the technology slowly getting released into the wild both in the future and past relative to the day it was first used.

The view from the inside is very different. To people in a time travel enabled society the technology appears to have always been there - it just is; it was never invented. All these people know is they have time machines and can travel to the past. When they get there they discover the technology is already present. No matter how far into the past or future they travel there are time machines. These people aren’t ignorant therefore they appreciate and recognize the paradox. It’s just a matter of there is no reference point that they can point to and say, “Ah-ha! That’s the day it was first used.” They correctly surmise that time machines were invented and used and the technology ended up being released in the past. People have used it and it continued to be released. What they can’t determine is when it happened because like the Model T Ford, everyone has a time machine.

In this universe there are no MiBS lurking around waiting to assassinate everyone who tries to release the secret of time travel or who is a time traveler. Why would they do that? Time travel is not only not a secret no one would even give it a second thought. The technology is so common that no one would care. They wouldn’t even be looking for more advanced versions of time machines. Someone has already done that and sent the upgrades to the past. The theoretically best possible time travel technology is already there.

This is the point of Robert Heinlein’s short story “All You Zombies”. In that short story the “creation paradox” is even worse. Based on the implied internal logic of the paradox, a time machine is used to deliver the plans to build the time machine that was used to deliver the plans; the protagonist, a man, ends up giving birth to himself, his daughter, his mother, his father and his grandfather who delivers the plans to himself, as the grandson, so he can build the same time machine. Not only is there no creation event for the time machine, there is no creation event for the protagonist. All of the characters are himself.
The way to present this is great, well said.

I have to agree that the invention of time travel in a particular world has a very high risk of screwing up that reality and turning it into a world in which time travel is omnipresent at any moment. The moment it is invented, the entire world line changes and becomes littered with time machines, time travelers, and their effects.

But again, it would be as if time travel had always existed. Only an outside observer would notice a “before time travel” (a normal world) and an “after time travel” (a world in which everything is everywhere all at once). To us, from within it, it would be as if time travel had always existed. For instance, we wouldn’t suddenly notice artifacts from time machines dating back to the age of the dinosaurs… They would have always been there.

Am I understanding this right?
Sometimes temporal field technology can escape or events transpire that can lead to its’ development in an earlier part of the timeline.

When this happens, people are sent back to prevent the discovery.

The notion of rarity among travelers to this time period is not wholly incorrect, noteworthy temporal disturbances are not detected until November of this year, when it is suspected that one or more travelers will cause a disturbance.
I cannot speak about the nature of the anomaly, as it has not yet (or may not) occur(ed) in this timeline.

Active case files (as reported in this timeline) include only one known traveler in 2023 to date:

Temporal Incident Report
(March 16, 2046, Temporal path J

Michael Dorsey, sexual identity activist and son of billionaire philanthropist Jack Dorsey, is believed to have stolen a temporal device from a research laboratory in Riverside, Ca.

Initially traveling to the year 1919, Michael’s plan to insert a sex-change operation into the raggedy Andy story was thwarted by temporal control agents.

The temporal signature of the stolen device was detected again in March of 2022, when Michael is believed to have played a hand in the manipulation of the Pepsi corporation, to change Cracker Jack to Cracker Jill.

In April of 2023, a failed power up of the device was detected, and the suspect was located at the Cantala Apartments in Glendale, Az. Michael managed to escape to an unknown time before agents could apprehend him. No further indications of the device’s signature have been detected.

Agent J23
(End of Report)

I tried to get more information about this report, and when/where he went to, what his plans are etc. but my contact suggested that the agency presumes Michael Dorsey’s final jump to have been unsuccessful, supported by an abnormal amplitude spike in the temporal waveform created during his escape.

If “boring” is the word we use in years with few problems to fix, then i guess boring years are good years.
Am I understanding this right?
mostly, perhaps.

Heres my take on it:

Minor events just cause ripples. Like dropping a pebble in a pond. In terms of noticing them, its more of a duality of existence. The thing is both brand new and has always been that way.
We notice this because it seems out of place, but we dont know why. In most cases, evidence of both histories can be found within the same timeline.

Major events, those capable of causing a fracture in time and the irreversible creation of a parallel time-line, cause a shifting, or transition.
People nearest the temporal field can transition into the mew time-line, while their personal history remains intact. These individuals are the only ones that know the shift occurred. To everyone outside of the field, the changes happened in THEIR timeline, therefore it had always been that way to THEM!
But not to the ones that shifted over.
Am I understanding this right?
You’ve got it correct. The secret will get out even if it takes millions of years. Once the technology spreads all you know is your grandfather and his grandfather, etc. had their Model T Ford time machines just like yours. When you go time traveling, no matter what year you travel to they already have their own Model T Ford time machines. No matter who you ask and what year it happens to be no one has a memory of a time when there were no time machines or when they were invented. It’s called an ontological or Bootstrap Paradox: an event that creates itself so that it can create the event.
not aware does not mean it doesnt happen… it does… you split of a timeline in the end of 2016… i talk to you for many years explaining you things in the best way i can which is not much on internet… you know me as peterpan… 1 and 2… you know me as paul young… and shin bet… right?

i told you the agencies made the internet… they just work you all in as a side effect… they planned this for decades the are your truman show for the last 80 years
Most likely. the ones who are intelligent enough to keep those details private are aware …
You missed the problem with the Bootstrap Paradox. There is no one who is intelligent enough to keep the details private because there are no details to keep private.

Here’s the paradox in a nutshell: In 2050 Tom time travels to 2023. He’s tired of being a time traveler so he gives Fred his time machine. Tom then lives out the rest of his life, starting in 2023. In 2023 Fred, after many, many time trips, is tired of being a time traveler. He makes one last trip to 2050 and gives Tom his time machine. Fred lives out the rest of his life starting in 2050. After many, many time trips Tom is tired of being a time traveler. He makes one last trip to 2023 where he gives Fred his time machine. Repeat ad infinitum.

In this scenario the time machine is just there. No one appears to have invented it or built it and at no point is either Tom or Fred unaware that time machines (or at least one time machine) exist. Tom and Fred are caught in a loop but that does not mean the technology didn’t spread and create other loops. They both traveled in time extensively - enough so that they became bored and/or burned out on time traveling. We can easily expand the scenario and have Tom and Fred dropping off the time machine all across time only to have someone else return the machine. If you look closely at the first scenario you’ll realize that there are two time machines. That has to be the case because both Tom and Fred are time traveling and have the ability to simultaneously show up in 2060, each in their own time machine, and have a drink at a local pub with Retired Fred, assuming he’s still alive in 2060.

In that case we’ve not only created a situation where the time machine invents and builds itself - we have an infinite number of time machines all from the one machine. We’ve also created a second Fred (Retired Fred)…and no one’s the wiser.

That’s the definition of a Bootstrap Paradox - an item (or person, place, thing, event) creates itself so that it can be used to create itself so that it can create itself… There is no hidden or secret information to keep private. Everything is out in the light of the day for all to see. However, all they can see is an Ouroborus devouring itself.
I could make the scenario a bit more interesting by eliminating Fred and just have Tom as the time traveler.

In that case I can have Old Tom retire in 2023 as Retired Tom and give Young Tom the time machine…who gets older and becomes Old Tom and in 2050 time travels to 2023 and gives Young Tom the time machine. I could even then have Young Tom travel to 2050 with Old Tom as his passenger, drop Old Tom off in 2050 to become Retired Tom Alpha and then travel back to 2023. The scenario is almost exactly the same except I now have four versions of Tom (Young Tom, Old Tom, Retired Tom and Retired Tom Alpha) and two time machines. They can all get together at the pub in 2060 - Young Tom, Old Tom, Retired Tom (he came as a passenger) and Retired Tom Alpha.

When we consider something like time travel we have to look at all that it implies exactly as we are required to do when we propose some theoretical advancement in science. First thing first is to analyze all of the implications and see if they are real or violate some physical law. Then we look at the physical law and see if it is wrong or if we are wrong. It took over 300 years but Einstein showed that Newton was wrong about time, space and gravity. Fortunately Newton was not so wrong that we can’t still use his theories of time, space and gravity for most purposes today.