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I have in my possession a lengthy script xerox that was the original outline for Universal Pictures "The 12 Monkeys". It was a Terry Gilliam Film. This was given to me by my brother in law who works for the company as a production supervisor. What I feel is ironic is that this script has many features which never made it after the director's cut. Reading a few time travel bulletin boards brought me to the knowledge of John Titor. In the original 12 Monkey script, there is a "Titor Lane". This is shown when the animals make their escape towards the movies end. The movie takes place in the past and future 2035, to which John Titior said he was from 2036. Now, did Titor somehow have access to the original script? The reason I say this is bcause the similarities between Titor and what I am holding in my hand will no doubt clear up the mysterys surrounding him. The script even has details of the same time machine Titor spoke about. In the script, Bruce Willis/Cole was supposed to have access to Ford Pickup truck which contained the time travel device in the flatbed. There was a scene when Bruce Willis meets Brad Pitt at his fathers home. In the underground garage is where this truck was supposed to be. The parts where Pitt is involved in time travel was scrubbed in order to shorten the movie, is how the story goes. But evidence shows that the scenes were cut because it showed somethings our government did not want to be shown. Again, did Titor have access to this script, or was it vice versa? There's ALOT here! Those on this board who had experinces with John Titor please speak up. Theres some important facts here that will provide clues. This script is very large, book size. I will be able to FAX it only once, because the cost is very big. Let me know.
And now for something entirely different, a time traveler with 12 Monkeys.

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The face page of your script should read:

Twelve Monkeys
Original Screenplay
David Peoples & Janet Peoples
Inspired by "La Jette" a Chris Marker Film
Production Draft June 27, 1994

(Chris Marker's short indy film, "La Jette" is 29 minutes long and filmed in 1962)

There are a few similarities between Titor's story and the movie script: 3 billion people die in both stories and both James Cole and John Titor as time travelers say that they can't change the past - they are simply on a mission to gather information.

The movie script has two lines in different places where a T.V. announcer says, "The Florida Keys are waiting for you." Titor was from Florida.

Both James Cole and John Titor drive a Ford pick-up in the story. But there is no time machine in James Cole's stolen truck. Cole is mysteriously zapped back and forth through time by his "handlers" in the future - but he has no machine or control. Titor talked about a 2% divergence in timelines on a 60 year trip. Cole's technicians constantly sent him to the wong time. He ended up in 1166 at the Battle of Hastings, in France during a World War I battle and in 1989 when he was supposed to go to 1995.

The only street mentioned in the script is "Outerbridge Road" a freeway exit that he took while driving Dr. Railly around. No mention of Titor anywhere.

Compare your script with the official production script which can be found on several sites. Here's one: Twelve Monkeys Script
One other thing that I forgot in the other post: There s no mention in the script about the exact future date where Cole comes from.

In the script Dr. Railly is giving a lecture and identifies a mysterious person who appears and disappears in 1166 as being about 40 years old. It turn out that the person is Cole.

Cole is about 40 years old in the script. When he dies at the airport terminal in 1995 his younger 9 year old self is a witness. So, he was born in 1986. So it appears that he comes from, not 2036 but 2026 (give or take a couple of years).
BTW: I made a typo on the first post...Battle of Hasting is 1066 not 1166.
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>>I have in my possession a lengthy script xerox that was the original outline for Universal Pictures "The 12 Monkeys".<<

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What did you really expect the response to be? You come on here hoping to have everyone be open and willing to see this as the truth about Titor. It might very well be, I don’t know. Why don’t you scan it and post it? Wasn’t that what you wanted to do anyways? Show people the connection you made regarding Titor and 12 Monkey’s unreleased script? You still can accomplish that goal, and still get the last word
that’s if you don’t let these guys here get the best of you

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I watched the movie tonight. Though it wasn't in the draft production script, in the movie Cole does come from 2035.

David and Janet Peoples are rather reclusive, but the best way for you to clear up the mystery is to ask them directly. Here's their address:


Write to them and see what they say. David has written quite a few scripts for major motion pictures, including Blade Runner.
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Darby, you are a very clever guy and have done your homework! and one step obove Carol!

My exact thoughts as to find the real answers to the movie...

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If you do get a hold of Mr. Peoples and he verifies that the script really is an early draft (previous to the Production Draft) see if he will sign that puppy for you! It is a valuable collectible.