John, we need you back


Temporal Novice
We need you back. It's been years. Remember your original mission. You seem to have forgotten. Why would you do this, John? You let down hundreds of people by your actions. Come back, John, if you're still alive to receive this. Come back soon. We need you.
You people must be on drugs. Titor is a fake. There has even been a book that has just been released about him, supposedly written by his mother, and on the front cover are the "The Titor Foundation (or words to the effect) and it has been proven that there is no "Titor Foundation." The book has been proved to be a fake.
if you wanna see JOHN just go to florida, the address of JOHNS FOUNDATION are public knowledge, their are even satellite photos, im not kidding.

the real name of john and his address are just a google search away.

but my question is this "if john came back what would you wanna say to him?"

you cant blame him that thousands of people believed his story and turned it into a crusade to show the world that a time traveller warned us how to survive.

anyone can tell a good story, or even a good joke. seems like he did both.

let me be the first to say "JOHN YOU TELL A GOOD STORY"

now why did the time traveller cross the road?