"Mad Man" Mike Markum and his time travel machine

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Temporal Novice
I'm an avid Art Bell listener and I thought that some of you might be interested in hearing of the story of the young Kansas City-area man that is attempting to build a time travel machine.

He has been a guest on the Bell show 2 times and you can listen to the interviews with him by going here (provided that you have RealPlayer, a sound card, and speakers):

I have listened to the program and have the following statements:

a. What the individual did build was a 'Jacobs ladder' as stated in the program.
b. The 'cw' (continuous wave) laser in the cd-player is a diode type laser of very low power output - not sufficient to cause a 'time modification' effect.
c. The electrical field effect generated by the ladder as it sparked across 18" at 12000 volts can be calculated to assess an energy density between the poles. If the voltage is DC, the force between the poles are attractive (positive) since each pole has a different polarity. But, since he was using AC, the force between the poles reciprocate between being positive and negative changing 60 times per second. Remember the amplitude of the reciprocation increases since the distance between the poles changes from a minimum of 2 inches at the bottom to 18 inches at the top.
d. My thoughts about what he saw (the 'vortex') was either singularly or in conjunction, ozone being produced by the arc, molecular steaming of the moisture in the air, spalling of material off of the poles (1st time use) or a combination thereof. As these (singular or in combination) molecules are carried up the ladder they actually begin to swirl due to the movement of the arc between the poles. The laser in all probability was able to illuminate this swirling 'vortex' of hot physical material.
e. 'MadMan' is not even clear of what happen to the screws that he threw at (through) the 'vortex'. He was probably somewhat blinded by the light given off by the arc and could not make a qualitative observation.

I do not think that he observed nor generated time travel. I have built a similar device in 1969 with the following effects: (1) blew a 2 inch hole in the wallboard in my house from about 8 feet away, (2) melted the insulation to the outlet, (3) overloaded the transformer on our city block and it had to be replaced. Consequences: I had to repair a wall, replace an outlet and rewire from the circuit breaker to the outlet. I never repeated the 'experiment'. I thought I was building a MASER.
Argon 12:
I was just curious, have you attempted to build a time machine? Have you been successful in any type of time/dimension travel?
In 1969, I was working on a series of experiments dealing with high-efficiency propulsion systems for deep-space vehicles. Among some of the leading candidates were the arc-plasma electric system, direct fission heating, ion drive, reflective detonation, solar sail, and magneto-hydrodynamic (MHD) systems. You must realize that microwave and light amplification systems (MASER and LASER) were in their infancy, much less applications thereof were still very little explored.

I began a study on what I called the CoNeMaLASER (Complete Neutralization of Matter by Light Amplification of Stimulated Emissions of Radiation). This concept incorporated the development of a LASER plasma generator (now called an inertial confinement fusion (ICF) system), a magnetic confinement system (now/then called a stellerator or TOKOMAC depending on design) and an MHD accelerator. This system would cause fusion heating temperature of a selected target (fuel) mass within the magnetic confinement field which would in turn generate an ion burst that would be converged and directed through the MHD accelerator. The dual fuel mass was chosen based upon spontaneous generation of particle-antiparticle generation. This system had several conceptual advantages. (1) It generated its own power once the fusion was sustainable, (2) the target fuel could be varied depending on availability (note that differences in fuels would have to be evaluated for best efficiency in energy conversion), (3) exhaust velocities would be very high and capable of a high density/mass ration, (4) depending on the target fuel, capable of producing its own direct or indirect ignition driver for sustained operation, (5) capable of using free hydrogen, the theoretically suggested virtual pairs and possibly even dark matter in space and (6) minimal configuration of the system would lend itself to a solar-sail configuration if necessary.

I presented my work to NASA. They promptly replied by saying that my work was 'interesting and valuable' however they were not at a point where they could use or further the research into the concept(s). I was also told to continue my work and 'forwarded it to the Inventions and Contributions Board in D.C. What a crock... do the work and let some national laboratory continue and take the credit. I must say that I did not follow that course, however, they got enough information to combine with their own to end up where they are today in fusion reactions.

I have also done some research and experimentation on gravity field reduction systems and inertia dampening systems (very closely related). One thing people forget about in space travel, whether within 'real space' or accounting for 'warped space', is if you accelerate up to a given velocity you need to be able to stop and explore as well. By not accounting for the deceleration, particularly a rapid deceleration, what's the point of going if you can't visit. You must find a way to dampen (counter) inertia in order to maintain a high velocity, get to your destination quickly, and then be able to decelerate quickly.

Read some of my notes in 'What is time', 'Time travel idea', and 'Uncertain about...' and other discussion threads.
I have an article about that pulled from some new age magazine. It says he stole the equipment from the town, experimented on guinea pigs first, and then hopped through. The guinea pigs were transported a distance away, yet were unharmed. He jumped through and went through a couple years, was exhausted and disoriented from the trip, and had a hard time explaining how he got through the distance and time. Then he got arrested for the stolen equipment.

NASA is not my favorite place for sharing great ideas, they airbrush out UFOs I've read. Most space intelligence does it seems, diverts attention. Then, statistically, if time exists, you will get pre-feedback from the futures, depending on what you made (Search Warrants, RNM, MIB?). Most government worker bees these days just pirate others' work and call it counterintelligence with economic piracy and sabotage while they screw around with drugs and defense monies, use your material for their college paper, graduate, outsource your stuff to the highest bidder, develop the tech in five years, and then blame you for nonproliferation and trade secrets if you get smart. That is, if they don't use their educated groups to try to hustle you with spy tests-of-character, kill or kidnap you, or if an enemy of theirs kills you. Secret courts and DHS lists these days, remember that. Remember Einstein, he was burdened by military and couldn't leave his house? Remember the Back to the Future movie, as soon as the thing was made the foreign terrorists chased the Doc in the parking lot? Yeah, it's like that if you're good at what you do. Sorry if I gave you that paranoid feeling. It's what has usually been on the agenda ever since the country had enemies.

These days I think this matter changing by light science is best beginning with the idea of li-fi, the next idea after wifi. It's just a matter of changing more matter with more light after li-fi. You basically made a big exhaust pipe for energy; yes but where did it come from, what direction is it going, and where does it go?

Mike Marcum might have been a fake name, just to drill it into time theorists minds not to do anything. I think what is freaky is if he had jumped through that thing and found himself in a land where the name Kansas didn't exist. Apparently his prior entanglements of life, in that big chip we call a brain, got him into familiar territory.
I also have that article. But Madman didn't get arrested after his successful time jump. In the article it says he claims to have lost his memory. Which eventually came back. Supposed to have happened in 1998. It was an interesting read. I actually want to believe this guy really time traveled. But that would require duplicating his claim. He jumped into the vortex just above the rising arc of a giant Jacobs Ladder device. I might be considered crazy by some. But I'm not that crazy.