Pleadeans' exactly, precisely, whatever.


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Pleadeans\' exactly, precisely, whatever.

The problem I am having as of late, is figuring out why the Pleiadeans of the Billy Meier contact series of landings, through their leader Ptaah.
He has adopted an about face, on all of the associations they made, when they first had landed here?

To be more precise, Ptaah in his relayed conservations with FIGU, has intimated that author Barbara Marciniack, is delusional within her thinking context.This context of what she has said within her best selling book, Earth The Plieadean Keys To The Living Library, does not exist at all.


I am beginning to grow suspicious of the Pleiadeans for these precise reasons.
One, that there is no clear definitive line, between the Pleiadeans who had contact Adolph Hitler in the late 1930s?
Their saying then, "protect the white race" and these apparent Pleiadeans of the Steven's publicized landings in the mid 1970s.


If what FIGU has said through their authors, concerning relayed sayings from Ptaah, then both the works, The Pleiadean Mission by R. Winters, as well as Marcinack's best selling work, Earth The Pleiadean keys, are not representive of modern Pleiadean concerns according to the Meier associated group of Pleiadeans?

See>The Pleiadian Mission: A Time of Awareness
by Randolph Winters info at,

What I have steadfastly found concerning both Winter's as well as Marciniack's works, is the telling of other leveled beings posed here on Earth.These are such as fairies, elves, trolls and other non-same frequencied beings, which compose how we many humans relate to the greater cosmos.

I had found that through supposed sayings from Pleiadean Commander Ptaah, that all of what Winters, and Marciniack have said within their books, is wrong; however these may not be correct, however divisive sayings.

In other words, the Pleiadeans infact may have ulterior motives towards Earthbased mankind.They may well view them as a kind of cattleforce, to only be segregated and used at other beings discretion?

I'm not sure on what I have said here, however the works that were profound in the 1980s, on the natures of how Earthbased man related to not only Earth, but the greater cosmos, infact, had been correct.

I'm sorry to say, that the sayings by Ptaah, that the Pleiadeans who had associated with Adolph Hitler, had been a renegade set of Pleiadeans.This statement does not hold a disclaimer clause, so legally protecting the present day inresidence Earth oriented hidden Pleiadeans.

3rd.Source,The Los Angeles web site, please search in archival, under Ptaah?
And the Swiss web site,
Again, once in search for archival materials, comments made by Pleiadean Commander Ptaah.

There is are apparently a problem here and I have just eluded to this fact, as well as apparent shortcomings by the Pleiadeans themselves.

My extra sources, are shown in photograph form, by a poster here, by the name of Clara.Consult MOP Raul, for index jpeg files, on Clara's postings.....?

I can't for this time find this source, however Clara had supplied photos showing a division of both Elves, Trolls, Pixies and fairies, as well, as one small UFO, with a minute Gray placed inside of this craft.

I dot not understand why the Pleiadeans would have been so ambassadorial within their fist landings at the Meier farm.This was so encouraging a discourse of philosophies, then retract all ambassadorship, so recanting any views of what Earthlings many authors has said, printed, is all wrong?

Your comments to what I have printed here, are more than welcome, please do have your say?

Note>As told recently on yahoo's spiritweb, where this posting had been taken down, that the original Atlantians who later had relocated to the Pleides prior to Atlantise's sinking, Atlantians may have been fourth state matter, as opposed to our third state of being.

>Note;Marciniack, in a way, within her works, had also intimaited what the Spiritweb had said, concerning the early Atlantians, who were technically the Lyrians, Lyrian refugees, from the Lyrian Star System.

This could have set up, in a way, crystal usage for them, as almost an addict oriented?This new fact would mean that to begin with the Atlantian/Pleadean contacts of the Meier's, had compensatory mental status problems to begin with?

This statement in medicine would be, that once a creature is use to existing a certain way, then they would have a propensity to stay this certain way, rather than change, if this change to be, would become too disorienting.
Re: Pleadeans\' exactly, precisely

Subnote only:

Please let it be known, concerning the FIGU organization, that it seems all philosophers other than FIGU core members, seem to be discredited or attacked in some way, with reference to subject topic mater, at the FIGU organization?

I have noted originally by the many sayings at FIGU, even at the beginning said of FIGU, where there is a lot of accusations about someone lieing, that has been posted.

The latest attacks seem to be posted concerning author Barbara Marciniack, who wrote what I feel is a key text, Earth The Pleiadean Keys To The Living Library.

I don't for a moment after viewing the content of the Elders and Steven's film and encounter footage, from the said Meier landings, that there may have been an offworld landing at the Meier farm, starting as publicized in the year 1975 on.

However there should be a reaching to another culture and many questions answered rather than attacks on certain people who do not, these attacks seem to me, hold the narrow FIGU core philosophical views.

Secondly there was no other identification of the supposed many other Pleadean sects, which are supposed to be many and varied in stile and physiologies?

There have been other Pleiadean encounters, which tell of differing beings, with a not too clear mission.

It is a shame that there is not definite materials regulation offered which at'least couples with philosophical realms, rather than these nonproductive fervent attacks on other people philosophical views, other than FIGU and supposed Pleadean transferred comment beliefs.

May views sometimes constitute to a better well rounded whole view, rather than attempted oligarchy, of perched claimed wisdom, by only one, or two sects.

In this view given here there is it seems not a sharing of held social views?
These views would be termed an exchanges of thoughts and ideals, however and enforcement that our view, outside of key Earth other outside of FIGU views, are not correct, as these are not FIGU core member views.