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According to the International Group of Young Journalists, a blind old Bulgarian woman who is said to have correctly predicted the 9/11 attacks, the rise of the ISIS terrorist group and Britain's exit from the European Union, also contains some important predictions for the year. 2020 is done!

Apparently, the Bulgarian woman named "Baba Wanga", who died in 1996 at the age of 85, had amazing supernatural abilities in predicting the future, which allowed her to predict natural disasters and other great events in the world.

Baba Wanga's predictions for 2020

The blind old woman, nicknamed "Nostradamus of the Balkans" for her extraordinary prophecies, has made several controversial predictions about 2020, two of the most important of which are about the presidents of the United States and Russia. Baba Wanga has predicted the lives of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin for 2020 as endangered as last year.

He said the life of Russian President Vladimir Putin would be in danger in 2020 and that he would be assassinated by someone inside the Kremlin. Of course, he did not say whether the assassination attempt would lead to the death of the Russian president.

Baba Wanga has made a similar prediction for Trump. He predicted that the president of the United States would have a brain tumor in 2020 and that he might lose his hearing or even die.

He had made a similar prediction for 2019 for the President of the United States, which did not come true. Of course, in late November (early December) there were rumors in the American media and social networks about Trump having a stroke, which he himself later denied.

Interestingly, the famous 16th century French fortune teller and astronomer Nostradamus also announced the assassination or death of one of the most important world leaders in the United States in one of his most controversial predictions for 2020!

The Bulgarian woman also warned of a possible chemical attack in Europe in 2020 and predicted that Europe would fall to "Muslim extremist groups" this year. Baba Wanga had made a similar prediction in previous years.

Baba Wanga has also predicted several earthquakes and tsunamis for Asia in 2020, which he claims will take many lives.

Who is Baba Wanga and when did he become famous?

Baba Wanga was born on October 3, 1911, in the town of Stromica in present-day Macedonia. As a child, he mysteriously lost his sight as a child after being caught in a terrible storm and remained blind for the rest of his life. Of course, some have said that he was not completely blind as a result of this incident and could see very little of his surroundings.

However, some claim that Baba Wanga, with the same physical condition, predicted the future of the world before his death by 5059, which he believed would be the end of life on Earth. For this reason, despite the fact that more than two decades have passed since his death, some people in the world turn to his predictions at the end of each year to predict what will happen next year.

Baba Wanga first became world famous when his prediction about the sinking of the Russian submarine Kursk in 2000 came true. People who believe in the predictions of this blind old woman claim that even though she made her predictions more than 20 years ago (before her death), traces of the truth can now be seen in them.

For example, they claim that Baba Wanga predicted two years before the 9/11 attacks, in 1989, that two iron birds (planes) would attack the New York City of United States. He even predicted that after this incident, the blood of many innocent people (referring to the US invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan) would be shed "by wolves".

Also, when the old Bulgarian woman predicted that China would become the world's number one superpower, her share of the world economy was only 4.1%, but the predictions made by world economists recently about the country's future economic growth will It is in full accordance with Baba Wanga's prophecy.

He also predicted that Britain would leave the EU by the end of 2016 (the year in which the referendum on Britain left the EU was held), that Europe would no longer exist as it does now.

Baba Wanga even predicted the emergence of an "extremist army" and its invasion of Europe, which some now believe can be used as an example of his prediction. Putin's rise to power in Russia is another prediction he made years ago.

Most interestingly, some claim that this blind old Bulgarian woman predicted during her lifetime that someone with the characteristics of Barack Obama would be the last president of the United States, and this prediction has led some to believe that Donald Trump may never end his presidency. .

In addition to these prophecies, Baba Wanga announced the end of world hunger by 2028 before his death. He also said that the earth would be uninhabitable by 2341.

Some experts claim that 68% of the Bulgarian old woman's predictions have come true so far; However, his fans have announced this figure as 85%! His supporters cite a study by Dr. Georgy Luzanov, former director of the Bulgarian Institute of Semiotics.

However, several of his predictions are clearly wrong; Among other things, he had predicted that the two countries whose names begin with the letter "B" would host the 1994 World Cup final, but it was ultimately Brazil and Italy that reached the final.

He has also made several controversial predictions that still have a long way to go. These predictions include a change in Earth orbit in 2023, the US use of a new weapon to effect climate change in 2066, and the realization of the human dream of 2034 for "time travel".

He has also predicted that Time Travel without using any machine, will be invented by a man named "Mohammad Ali".  

Baba Wanga's prophecies about world events and happenings are quoted in the news circles every year on the eve of the New Year, but there are no written or documented versions of these predictions. The Washington Post revealed in a 2012 survey that many of the prophecies attributed to this blind Bulgarian old woman each year are rooted in Russian-language social media.

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"Baba Wanga has made a similar prediction for Trump. He predicted that the president of the United States would have a brain tumor in 2020 and that he might lose his hearing or even die."

Trump's brother Robert just died.  I cannot find cause of death.  It would be interesting if this psychic was mistaken and just picked up "Trump" but not the first name. 

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