Refugee's of the Art Bell forum, please read.


Dimensional Traveler
Refugee\'s of the Art Bell forum, please read.

Since Art has closed down the forums, odds have it that this may be the most likely place for some to continue on the discussions on Time Travel and Titor

Anyway's, I just want to welcome you. I hope your stay here is just as fulfilling as it was on the Art Bell forum.

Just one difference. The TimeTravelActivist lives on here
. This is where I started posting about a year ago. So just keep in mind, some of your old one sided views will be question by me and others.

Just to prep you of things to come

Javier Cortez

"For what was, for what is, and for what will be. I will fight for it's preservation."
RE: Refugee\'s of the Art Bell forum, please read.

I for one missed you J.C. After they banned you, the board was much less entertaining. I hope this bbs can pick up where Art's board left off or quit.
RE: Refugee\'s of the Art Bell forum, please read.

This is interesting! "The more we have to share, the more we understand". Can anyone tell me about what was"Art Bell Forum"?
RE: Refugee\'s of the Art Bell forum, please read.

Hi Javier
Is this where everyone is coming? All the previous info from the Art Bell boards is lost forever I guess. What a great thread that was. I wish you had not been banned. You provided the "on the other hand" voice. I really do not think John actually was a TT but I liked the storyline, even though I do not want to live in Titor's 2036.
RE: Refugee\'s of the Art Bell forum, please read.

Most of the people who were on that thread have copies of Titor's posts. I'm sure they'll start "re-posting" them here.
RE: Refugee\'s of the Art Bell forum, please read.

David, I just mention that the TT was here first.
The topics have to be looked up by looking for thread that are older up on top on the main page. Back about 100 days or so.
Move that and get all the topics up, then there will be two topics:
Topic Limited to 11 pages: that's the threads name.
Time-Travel Paradoxes: That's the first thread where the supposed TT came on later on down the page and started tellin his story.
All can review those topics about the same as Art Bell's forum, except there might have been more people that looked at it and posted at Art Bell's Forum.

I myself, have very little more to add.
In fact, I was commenting to someone that I was about to do some other work, and take a break.
I think it was pretty well over.
This forum is the first place that I know of, before Art Bell's forum until it closed.
RE: Refugee\'s of the Art Bell forum, please read.

Feel free to visit my webpage to listen to some midi music as you post a reply.
Yes, I know it is only midi music, the other files are not allowed, they take up too much space.
Ignore error message page, the page is there, it is slow sometimes, and hitting refresh may do the trick. Actually it may be busy sometimes also. It depends. The page is there.

Also, I think Pamela is just trying to find TT's to prove that humans actually make it into the future. Nothing wrong with that.
It may prove some things.
Actually it will take some commitment to get through these troubled time.

I will try and tend to joke less.
I may develop some God aweful "I am from 2036" music, but it is just a hobby, and as such I have many things to do, just as everyone else.
I still would like to see the 'movie'.
I think it would and could be very interesting, as a thought experiment into the future.

Al C. sighing off.
I will be adjusting items continually, perhaps, even registering here.
RE: Refugee\'s of the Art Bell forum, please read.

It’s good to see some people from the Art Bell forum are joining and welcoming me back
thanks. It was tuff staying away, to have to only watch, but can't respond. At least in this forum, you don’t have to be registered to post. So, if I ever by some bad luck get band from here too, I will still be here
. No doubt about that.

In regards to the Art Bell forum, I was told by one of the moderators, that it will be up soon, but as “read only” you can’t post anymore (just when I was allowed to come back in
). So if any of you would like to go back and use it as a reference, just know whatever anybody said, is not lost forever. So, archive it while you can.

However, that’s what I was told today
, and things may change. So, forgive me if it does not happen. Other then that, welcome once again. Have fun posting…

Javier C.

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RE: Refugee\'s of the Art Bell forum, please read.


Art Bell is a person who has a AM radio program on at night. 10:00pm - 3:00am Pacific Time.

He discusses various items with guest, some times about UFO's, sometimes a line will be open so supposed Time Traveler's can call him, that was on Friday Nights just a couple of weeks ago, and a copy of the audio can be heard at his web site:

also where more information and the guests that are scheduled on the show for the week.

Like ghost voices that were recorded, new technology like Nanotechnology and books written by a guest.
Last week about ago he had Dr. Kaku on as a guest, talking about particle phsyics and politics of the world.
Quite a few people taped on a VCR the five-hour broadcast, usually found on a AM radio station.
No station in your area, listen live at the website over the Internet.
Some of the shows seems strange, some offer conjecture, and some are hilarious, depending on your point of view about Government conspiracies, or the face on Mar's photo from NASA, or such subject matter.

We were having a debate about Time_Travel 0 on that forum, being that he was there also same as he was here.
RE: Refugee\'s of the Art Bell forum, please read.

Thanks AI C. feels like I've been welcome for the first time!
RE: Refugee\'s of the Art Bell forum, please read.

You are all invited over to the discussion forum at Rick's site.

Post at both places, if you wish.
You only have to register to get a password.
Register how you like.

Refugee from Art Bell.
oh, I forget the exact forum link, well, it is at the bottom of the page as:

Visit our Message Boards.

From Time Travel, to trips in space, to theories about the universe, to strange phenomana, the unexplained, the twilight zone, the hi-light zone, the o-zone, the unloading zone, the loading zone, the future zone, the government zone, all zones converge in time.

Al C.
RE: Refugee\'s of the Art Bell forum, please read.

Interesting, I found this wed site by AltaVista search query of "Time Travel". I am new here so I do not know if this a joke site or its for real. I listen to Art Bell for the first time 2 days ago when the Trevors mom(Trevor, the shadow being creeps on.) called. I did listen to all the time traveler archived audio feeds. They were funny as heck.

I just wonder if any of those "Time Travelers" post on this site?
RE: Refugee\'s of the Art Bell forum, please read.

Well once again, I been banished by the new BBS Rick created. It's a hypocrisy, they say they wouldn't make it like the Art Bell BBS, but they did. Neither the moderator nor the Administrator are impartial people. For they allow their friendship to dictate what to do with someone who's opinions differ from their own.

Check it out They claim I was attacking. I think I was being quite nice, however I was being spoken to quite rudely and snappy. I wonder why?

Therefore, this is now, the one and only place where anyone can catch the Activist in action.

Take care,
Javier C.
RE: Refugee\'s of the Art Bell forum, please read.


Congradulations. Welcome back...... hey without contrary opinion the word would be just a bit scarrier.

I'll give you this much, it IS possible that there is no such thing as a good idea. Contrary oppinions are needed to put the brakes on any "good idea".