"The future ain't what it used to be."

Steven Gibbs contacted me!!!



someone claiming to be my future self said i was being held captive by the government
and knew my first and last name, age and my cats name some one email me and explain this!?
What does that have to do with Steven Gibbs? And if your future self is being held captive, how did they contact you? Also, a little investigative work, and maybe a voice changer, could have been enough to fool you.
6 years into our future we are abducted by a swarm of angry Greys trying to stop us from reproducing. I / we escaped by hijacking a PTM (personal time machine) and as luck would have it the machine was set to deliver its payload back to your present time. Now there are TWO of us right here. Will they have to abduct both of us next? If they mess up again there will be four of us. Maybe that is why they are so p*ssed, I don't know. We've always had this effect on most everybody.

We should never meet because that way we'll be harder for the Greys to find and stamp out.
getting information about persons is easy in this tecno world we live in i used to study private investigation and let me just say that someone is pobably messing around with you
dont mean to burst your bubble
There are two posibilities; the most likely is that some one knows where your interests lie and they are rolling on the floor that you bought their story. The second is that you can't trust you to keep you out of trouble.Either way, the answer is shape up!
I belive you. You can't make a timee machinae Brandon I now its you You think youre so cool but your not! i will beet you! ill email you know. how cald you belive that? you soooo dumbd! you and Brian will fale!!!!!111its sooo fake