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The 12TH Planet
21 years ago, Zecharia Sitchin (linguistic scholar & historian of ancient Hebrew, Sumerian, Akkadian, and other early Mesopotamian civilizations) published The 12Th Planet (1976) which discusses the periodic return to our solar system of a large, red planet called Nibiru by ancient Sumerian historians (and Marduk by the Babylonians). Nibiru was home to a race of war-prone hominids referred to in ancient texts by either their earlier Sumerian name of Anunnaki or their later Hebrew name of Nefilim (the word Nefilim is mentioned repeatedly in the Bible). The Anunnaki are described as handsome, well developed human look-a-likes who are physically larger than humans; averaging 10-15 feet tall.
While the rank and file astronauts who first came to Earth were called Anunnaki by Sumerian historians, the ruling royalty were always referred to as gods . The Anunnaki were technologically capable of interplanetary space travel when they first arrived on Earth about 450,00 years ago.
Nibiru was called the 12Th Planet by the ancients because it is a member of our solar system (ancients included the Moon and Sun as planets). However, unlike the other planets in our solar system, which are in a singular orbit around the sun, Nibiru is in a binary orbit (Z) between two suns: our sun and another cold {unlit} sun far out in our galaxy. Nibiru returns to our solar system approximately every 3,600 years. Nibiru is sometimes referred to as the red comet or red star in some ancient texts (and the 19th century channeled work,Ý the Oahspe). Sitchin explains in his book that the 3,600 year periodic cycle of Nibiru is called a Shar or Sar by Sumerian historians. While a single shar occupies a time span of a little more than 3,600 years on Earth, it is equivalent to one year on the planet Nibiru. All told, ancient Sumerian clay tablets and cylinder seals record a total period of occupation/visitation by the Anunnaki of over 124 Shars. Sitchin provides compelling historical evidence that the Anunnaki actively participated in the affairs of mankind up to the final destruction of the great city of Sumer in Mesopotamia, about 2,000BC.
The Anunnaki's original objective in coming to Earth was to mine for Gold; an element they atomically dispersed in their atmosphere in ORDER to prevent core-produced heat FROM dissipating excessively INTO space. Since 99% of Nibiru's orbital cycle is too far FROM our sun to benefit FROM its heat, it has to retain its internally generated heat in ORDER to survive The Anunnaki first extracted gold FROM the waters of the Persian Gulf area, but later switched to land mining in South Africa and other locations due to greater abundance of gold ore.
The Zetas report that the Anunnaki have access to a plant (or tree), native to Nibiru, that prevents normal aging and bodily deterioration. Sumerian texts referred to it as the Tree of Life. Later, the Bible referred to it as Knowledge of The Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden story. Only Anunnaki royalty had privileged access to the Tree of Life (sometimes called Ambrosiac in Sumerian texts). They absorbed this substance INTO their bodies by taking baths soaked with this life extending plant. This special bath water was the origin of the story of The Fountain of Youth (Z). Apparently, Anunnaki royalty enjoyed extremely long lives. Sitchin's research reveals that some members of the highest echelons of the royal pantheon participated intermittently throughout the entire 446,000 years of the Anunnaki's occupation of Earth.
Exodus and The 12th Planet
The last time the 12th Planet passed by the Earth was during the time of the Exodus FROM Egypt. In fact, the upheavals, cataclysms, and fear generated by the near passage of the 12th Planet allowed the Israeli slaves the opportunity to escape FROM the grip of Pharoah's troops-who had become completely overwhelmed by panic and confusion (Z).
A red dust (iron oxide), along with larger chunks of debris. traveling in the tailing wake of the fast moving 12th Planet (as with other comets), rains down onto the Earth's atmosphere during a close passage. This red dust landing in water accounted for the Biblical account of the rivers running red with blood. The Bible also refers to fierce lighting storms and the red particle debris "reddening the face "of men. Electrical/magnetic storms of an intensity which only occurs during a close passage of the 12th Planet reacts with carbon materials thrown INTO the atmosphere by volcanic action. This produces a type of sticky carbohydrate substance in the atmosphere (Z).
In some areas, this substance precipitates to the ground and is available as food if collected in the early, pre-dawn hours. When the substance falls on water, it appears whittish in color. Called Ambrosia in ancient texts (Greek), or Manna, this carbohydrate material is the biblical reference to milk and honey ("Unto a land flowing with milk and honey". Exodus 33:3)
Return of The 12th Planet
The Zetas predict that the 12th Planet will pass closest between the Earth and the Sun in late Spring or early Summer of 2003, probably May or June. At that time, the earth, being completely overwhelmed by the gravitational influence of the 12th Planet, will stop rotating completely for 3 days or so. There are numerous historical references to 3 days of darkness (non-rotation) cited in the Bible, Hopi Legends, Mayan Epics, etc. and well referenced by Sitchin in the books of his Earth Chronicals.
Geophysical Effects of the 12th Planet
The 12th Planet is 4 times larger and 23 times more dense than Earth (Z). The Biblical narration of 7 years of plagues, crop failures, increased earthquakes/ volcanic eruptions, and other phenomena that preceded the Exodus was caused by the magnetic & gravitational effects of the approaching 12th Planet on the Earth's molten iron core (which behaves exactly like a giant bar magnet running FROM the North to the South Pole).
The growing disruptions in our present day weather patterns, increased earthquake/ volcanic activity, the gradual slowing of the Earth's rotation, reports of magnetic deviations, new manifestations of DNA mutation (deformed frogs & fish, recent births of albino buffalo calves{predicted by Hopi Prophecies}, emerging viruses and bacteria, etc.), and other anomalies are being precipitated by unique and unrecognized forms of energy being released FROM the core of the Earth due to the approach of the 12th Planet.
You wrote:

"The Zetas predict that the 12th Planet will pass closest between the Earth and the Sun in late Spring or early Summer of 2003, probably May or June...The 12th Planet is 4 times larger and 23 times more dense than Earth "

If that is the case, then this planet must be moving at a very great speed, since there is nothing seen or reported by any agency of a large planet on its way towards Earth. Something that size would reflect enough light during night time observation to indicate an annomaly in the night sky.

Also, something that could stop Earth's rotation for 3 days would cause untold devistation on the world (apocolyptic devistation). Even when the rotation process jump started again, it would most likely tear the planet apart.

I've heard of this story of the 12th planet before, and I would wonder why a civilization would and could evolve and exist on planet that spends over 3,000 years in deep space. Why wouldn't they abandon their planet and popluate Earth, with its more habital climate during the times they crossed paths with it?

No offence, (nothing personal) but it seems, IMHO, that the author is trying to apply a series of ancient myths to a possible present time senerio, regardless of how outlandish and impracticle it may seem.


I have been watching the developments of world sightings on Nibru, which great interests at link,
http://www.zetatalk.com/teams/tteam342.htm This link tells of world wide cams, and I don't feel that what has been offered so far, has been faked or altered in any way.

There seems to be a division of thought lines, from aliens that we secretly know so far.

These are the Pleiadeans the Meier group and the Zetians of Zetatalk, which though a process of cross filtering, I feel are very correct in what they have said.

I have given veracity to Marcianack's works Earth The Pleaidean Keys To The Living Library, as a coursework, in how Earthbased man now divest himself here on Earth, post 1975 lines of philosophies.

However there should be a new tile put forward with the appearance of Planet X and this would be Earth The Living Laboratory?
This is because of the appearance of Planet X, which is said now to be equidistant to Earth, from Jupiter's distance to Earth, there should start to be some marked changes showing concerning Earth.

ONE, is the level of luminance and the dynamics of luminance shown on Earth to sun, via reflection of said Planet X, as this masive failed brown dwarf, is a reflecvrting surface, at this point in time, during its appearance.

There is a very delicate relationship, that Earthbased man, woman if you will has with the sun, as well as all living things here on Earth.

TWO, this is that the nature of Earthbased mans DNA RNA encodings are recorded and kept within the sun.

So the interdynamics of a new reflecting surface, near the proximity of Earth, should in a few ways, start to alter the normal dynamics, of how man would have acted, if no Planet X were, or had been there at all?

What is odd here, is that when the Atlantians had come here so many hundreds of thousands of years ago, they were it seems reporter to be fourth density beings, which was said in Yahoos Spiritweb, which is also mirrored by the Zetatalk website.

The yahoo spiritweb saying of an recent investigator, as to how the Atlantians were divested has been recently taken down, which leaves only the Zetatalk site, to claim that at least some parts of man's beings, was once fourth density via its nature.

THREE so with time the nature of the Atlantians from being within another state of matter, then phased into a third density state of being.

This would means that because of a changed phased state, that some tribes of man, blended with the Atlantians, had the abilities of changed [phased states.This means that in some ways of being today, that not all of Earth's hand me down genes, are solely from modified lower primates.

This would be considered a blend, as the Atlantian outcolonies, had married into many other lands, so well divesting the gene.

In Zetatalk there is a very well realized reason as to the why of the change of phased being, however I feel that this was more a not knowing of how the former Lyrian genes would self modify themselves, due to Earth's harsh sun?

So when the Lyrians came here as their own civil war refugees, they did not know, or were not aware of, the fact that our differing central sun, could have changed their natures of beings in general?

FOUR, this was an change which was found out too late.

I feel that within the short future tense, there should be some changes in relationship to how Earthbased man divest his presence here on Earth.

This may also effect crops, weather and geological movements?

There may also be the fact, that since there is a second reflector, of sunlight based within our solar system and this reflector possessing elements. This reflecting factor may posed filtering reflecting elements additional, to our ordinary sun, then the window of DNA self modification, through both influence of Planet X, as well as by survival necessity, should be a change whitish may be a result as noted on the short horizon.

After said Planet X passes, then lets take tally and observe what has changed?

Note>> Please note that according to Linda Multon Howe's book, (Glimpses Into Other Realities), that there was a landing at Kirtland Air Force Base and this landing had purported big-nosed aliens, who were said former residents of the Sirus B system, whop had inhabitant a said wandering planets, which is based within this solar system.

Was this said planet, on of the traveling moons, of said Planet X?

Thank you very much Dons or JJ as your web bio has it put, very good reporting and much, much appreciated.
My Dave,

That was a mouthful. You still haven't taken up my challenge of 13 months ago or so. Why not, pray tell? You came to challenge me first as I recall.

eh, Mr. Goodwin?

Of course, that was addressed in response to the wrong post . . . I err often too. 'Tis human you know. I claim no more, no less.

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Cover-up news!

Zetatalk will not be silenced.


What might the public expect as the cover-up over Planet X unravels? Given the increasingly obvious fact that Planet X is in the vicinity and not going away before trashing the neighborhood, and the decision and actions taken last August by the US Military to supplant the White House as Commander in Chief with their own internal leadership, how should the meeting of NATO commanders for supposed war games be viewed?

Politics aside, what should those who took an oath to defend the common good do as Planet X hooves increasingly near? The US Military, in particular, has been used not for the defense of the common good but to procure corporate interests, and is deeply resentful of this.

The plan, for the approaching Planet X emergency, was laid out over a decade ago.

As the Earth changes leading up to the inevitable passage of Planet X with cataclysmic effects on Earth increases, pressure by all to promote their agendas increases, leading to a clash of agendas. The situation in Iraq has become obvious, where citizens now drag US Military from their vehicles and kill them with their bare hands. Throughout 2003, cooperation among world leaders was garnered by a promise that the passage of Planet X would occur with little more than minor earthquakes and tides and meteor showers, and the admonition that the greater threat was panic among the masses who would desert their jobs to loot and pillage and make unreasonable demands on their leadership.

We have stated, early in the ZetaTalk era, that Illness would be on the increase going into the shift. Given the state of the cover-up, with its tight grip on the media and any sources with the potential to blow open the cover-up with a solid and respected admission, how is the common man likely to learn that immense news that an interloper planet is in the inner solar system, gone into a staring contest with the Earth and Venus such that their orbits are disturbed, and that the shuttering earthquakes and other indicators of its presence are most likely only the start. The major powers of the Earth, those dictating financial and thus economic directions, installing puppets as government heads and by their control of the majority of stock in corporations, corporate heads, are at a delicate juncture at the moment. We have stated that the Sudan would degenerate into territorial battles among the starving, after the pole shift, and due to the lack of media attention paid to the starving in the Sudan, this situation has emerged early.

In an instance such as major earthquakes, globally, such as those that will accompany the rotation stoppage, it is like a disaster ramped up into a larger scope. Souls often have a personality stamp, just as the humans or other life forms they incarnate, as their early experiences and reactions to these experiences shapes the pool of quick responses from which they grab in emergencies. The effect of great changes on one’s life are often described a having life turned upside down, implying that the up side, the optimistic or upbeat outlook, has become a downer, depressive.

Primarily, the large die-off will be in places which are pleasant living now, coastal cities, or river basin cities. Decisions will have to be made. Envisioning the dire situation in the days leading up to the shift, and following, many good hearted folk wonder what they are supposed to do when there is a single loaf of bread for supper and a thousand mouths to feed.

Distraught and frustrated at trying to convince family and friends that preparations for what seems to be surely upon mankind must be made, many wonder how they can join with others to enhance their survival possibilities when no one will listen. As we have mentioned, the elite have belatedly come to realize they have No Place to Run, having arrogantly assumed that their pacts with Service-to-Self aliens to lift them to safety would be honored, or this pact failing that bunkering into mountain sides would be fail safe, and that in any case all of these efforts would be guarded by the might of the US Military. Forced separation will be one of the major reasons for mental breakdown, during the days of anguish leading up to the shift and in the weeks and months following.

I can g'tee that this will not happen. I'll say I told you so after the event is supposed to be due. Blimey there realloy are some fruitloops out there on the net eh readers?