"The future ain't what it used to be."

The Twin Time TTravell:llers

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sorry bought the repost

yes, but you'd be dead in the past, so how could you have used a time machine to go to the past to kill your self if you died all those years ago and are rotting in the ground?
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it doesn't matter if nay one tells you that your dead

If you go back in time adn kill your mother before she gives birth to you, you wouldn't exist anymore right?
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ok, but if you don't exist (i.e. you were never born) how can you travel back in time to kill your self if you had never been born and your mother killed long before the thought of you?
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nevermind the rotting in the ground thing, if you were nver born how can you kill your mother? you wouldn't exist but if you didn't exist then you couldn't have killed your mother.
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but that means you would have been born right? and that means that you would have gotten a time machine and the gone back and killed your mother before you were born. It's just a circle, but what i'm wondering is does the circle ever end? Again you could easily dismiss this and chalk it up to multiple worldlines or parrell universes but thats to easy
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I've got to go now but post your opinion or a way you might be able to figure a glich in my logic, i'll check back in the morning.
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One last question??
what will time teachers do when there is no students left to teach??
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no no no, my signature refers to time as experince, and learning from other peoples mistakes.
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Thank you i just wanted to know what your thought were.So others understand what you mean.

There are so many meanings to your statment but the simple ones are the best.

Teacher teachers the student until the student becomes the teacher and teachers the teacher something new to teach to the student.

What more can a teacher ask for than that?
Im guessing that is why a teacher teaches in the first place.

Thank you!! Keven
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DAMN YOU BLAIR!!! now i'm gonna have to change my signature because i'm all confused, lol j/k, but i might change my signature anyway. look for it in early 2004, hey wait a mintue it is already 2004 aww crap I'm late!
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I just read through the whole thread and I am a little confused Blair.

I haven't seen TimeCop 2(never evwn knew there was a sequel - just a tv spin-off) so I can only guess at the understanding of what you're trying to say.

In the thread you seem to imply that the second traveller knows that the future is ok or not through a video left by the original traveller.

The paradox problem still exists if time is linear and the second Traveller uses the information on the video to stop the first Traveller before the journey is made. If the first Traveller never went to the past, no video was ever made, therefore the second Traveller never received this information and so, never had a reason to stop his friend.

The first Traveller was now never stopped and so went back to the past and made the video. the cycle begions anew, and we have a verifiable paradox!