Time slip stories

Missing Time While Hunting
by Tillie

This happened to my husband and son. (We are Alaskan Indians.) Two years ago in the fall of 2002, they went moose hunting about 20 miles down river by boat from Nenana. They had gotten their moose and were packing meat to the campsite before dark. They were almost upon the campsite and could see the tent.

That was the last thing they remembered.

When they came to, they were both two miles from the campsite without any knowledge of how they got there! Both were disoriented and it was dark. They stayed put because they did not want to get lost in the dark in the woods. My husband had a lighter on him, so he made a fire and he and my son huddled together for the rest of the night until daybreak.

As soon as it got light enough, they left everything and took the boat back to Nenana. We later retrieved their camping gear and the moose. To this day they don't know how they got two miles from the camp site.
Time Slip to 1954
by Nick V.

Slightly over three years ago, a friend and I had a most unusual experience. It was late August in '97. My friend Larry and I got together in Cambridge, Mass. around noon to play some lunch-time tennis. We had never played in this particular part of town before, so we drove around looking for some courts. I drove up to a policeman who was directing traffic around a small construction site on a side street and asked him where the nearest courts were. He thought for a moment then gave us clear instructions to courts only about two blocks away. Following his instructions, I took a right into a driveway. Sure enough, right in front of us were the tennis courts. All three courts were occupied. It struck us both as odd that everyone was dressed in white. We both noticed a very attractive, young lady wearing a white tennis dress in the far right court as she was preparing to address the serve. Still looking at the courts, we decided to wait for one to come free. I pulled my car into a small parking lot directly on my right hand side. When we got out of the car everything we had been looking at was gone! The tennis courts were no longer there. A small field on the left was gone. Instead, there was a cement building that we did not see when we pulled in. It was as if we were somewhere else. Strangely, neither of us was particularly baffled at that moment. I felt very annoyed for some reason. We both agreed that what we had just observed was "too weird" and we went off to play tennis somewhere else. It was only while thinking about it later that we spoke about it. Afterward, I did some research into the area. Indeed, at one time there were tennis courts there - but they were torn down in 1954! Did we travel back in time? We have no doubt about what we experienced. I sometimes wonder: Did the tennis players also see us? I may never have an answer.
Trip to Another Dimension
by James

I'm not sure I can convey to you what I went through several weeks ago, but I will try. I work a swing shift, so my hours are very odd. One morning at about 3 a.m. or so, I was lying in bed watching television, still an hour or so from my usual bedtime. I reached for the remote and, for lack of a better way to put it, fell asleep. The strange thing is, I was not yet sleepy and didn't drift off to sleep like I normally would. Actually, it would be better explained if I said I passed out.

The next thing I remember someone was shaking me awake as I slept in the lobby of a kind of trade school. I knew who I was, why I was there, and knew the person waking me up. I was apparently in this school taking a welders class. I had afternoon classes, but decided to leave early. Everything was fine until I walked outside and asked a friend what time it was. When she said 11:30, something about it just didn't seem right. As I realized I wasn't in the right place, I suddenly became very groggy and felt like I was going to pass out. I even thought, "This is just a dream," but it was much more than that. Everything was real. I could feel the gravel under my feet, feel the breeze against my body. At one point I smelled garbage. I then realized that the wind was blowing from the direction of a large dumpster. I don't think I can emphasis just how real it was other than to say think about how you feel right now. That's what this felt like. I could see, touch, smell. I was there, living what was my life, but not my life. I was extremely groggy, but kept fighting it. Actually, I was afraid to pass out, not really certain that I would wake up again.

I'll try to make the rest of this brief, but I'm not sure I can. If I told the entire story, it might go on for some time. In this "dream," my memory was a little like Swiss cheese. I knew some things about my life here, but not everything. It seemed that I knew everyday things, like why I was at the school and people I came in contact with everyday, but not things that would be general knowledge or things that a person wouldn't consciously think about day to day. I have a cousin that lives here, and in my "dream" he lived nearby the school. He was married, like he is in "real life," but they lived in an apartment instead of a house and also did not yet have a baby. He could immediately tell something was wrong by the look on my face. I tried to tell him what was happening and he was skeptical at first, but as I kept talking he started to believe me. With his help, and the help of a friend, we figured out some differences between my two worlds. Several people I know either did not exist or never moved to the area. At least neither of them knew who they were when I mentioned their names. I know that at least one of them did not exist at all. I brought up the name of two brothers we all know. They knew the oldest, but told me he was an only child. I have talked to the oldest of the brothers about this, and he has told me he remembered his parents argued for a long time about having another child. She wanted one, he didn't. They were both adamant about their position and he finally gave in.

There were several other small differences, and many things were much the same. The largest difference, however, was the town we lived in. In "real life" I live in a small town called Nocona. In my "dream," Nocona didn't even exist and we all lived in a town called Yancy. Another larger city to the East is Gainesville, which also didn't exist. From what I could tell, Yancy was approximately where Gainesville should have been. Many things in Yancy were like a combination of Nocona and Gainesville. For instance, the water tower was exactly like the one in Nocona with the high school mascots name on it. Of course, the one in my dream said Yancy instead of Nocona. I have done some research, and found that the only reason Nocona exists today is because some land owners allowed the railroad to be built running across their land. If they had said no, the railroad would have gone farther south. I also found a prominent lawyer and judge from the Gainesville area named Yancy Lewis. Apparently he was quite successful and popular during his time. All in all, this experience lasted about two hours. Unlike most dreams, it didn't jump around from one time to another. If I walked somewhere that took six minutes to get there, it took six minutes. Eventually, in the "dream," my cousin talked me into laying down, telling me I looked like walking death.

When I woke up, I was back in my world in my own bed. Oddly enough, it was 11:30 a.m. by my clock. For the first couple of hours, I was just in a kind of daze. I chuckle now because the first thing I did was get the local newspaper from the living room to make sure it said Nocona instead of Yancy. Again, I don't think I can explain just how real it all was other than to say I was there. I have talked to a couple of friends, including my cousin, and they have said they had experiences that were much the same, but didn't last nearly as long. They would only be in the "dream" for a couple of minutes before blacking out.
Déjà Vu or Future Memory
by Tom C.

In the mid- 1990s, I began attending college in CSU Bakersfield, California to earn my BA. The campus was being remodeled the first quarter I was there, and so some of the buildings were closed. One of my classes took place in the music building. The rooms here were auditorium-style, but narrow, maybe 20 feet wide, and two and a half times as long. On the first day, I found an aisle seat at the back of the room, near the door. This was my usual mode of operation, allowing me to exit the class as soon as it was over. This would be my seat for the rest of the quarter. I can’t remember the title of the class, but it essentially dealt with modern literature and philosophy. We read books by authors like Thomas Pynchon, and watched movies like Blade Runner. Discussions were usually in the postmodernist vein.

The next quarter I had another class in the same classroom, and being a creature of habit, chose the exact same seat.

Now, those are the unassailable facts. Something strange occurred in the second quarter, and what I am about to relate is only what I remember happening after the fact, although I'll put it in chronological order for the sake of clarity.

The close of the first quarter was followed by a vacation of about two or three weeks. In that time I remember having a dream about being in class at Bakersfield, in the same room, sitting in the same seat as the literature class. I new instinctively, in that dream sense, that this was a different class being taught by a different instructor. The instructor was writing on the board: "Jim likes to do homework…" and I was writing the sentence down when I had a flash of déjà vu. It was so powerful I, froze, goosebumps erupting across every inch of my skin. My heart raced. I thought, "This is exactly like the dream!" Then I woke up.

I told my girlfriend (now my wife) about the dream, and repeated the partial sentence that had triggered my feeling of déjà vu. This wasn’t the first time I’d ever experienced anything like this, but it was the first time the details were so clear. Usually, I have dreams where I experience a sensation of déjà vu, but after the day rolls on, I forget precisely what happened in the dream. These dreams are significant in that they don’t "feel" like dreams. Conversely, I have déjà vu experiences when I’m awake, and usually think something along the same lines as in the classroom experience: "Wait I've dreamed this already!"

So, apart from the clarity and the details, this was nothing new to me. Par for the course, really. The weeks rolled by and school started again. I went back to the old building, sat in the old chair, the dream having long since faded from my memory. The new class was titled “Structure of the English Language.” It was a grammar course, one in which we diagrammed innumerable sentences from the textbooks and from the board. One of these sentences was: "Jim likes to do homework, that is why he goes to college."

Same thing happened; the incredibly powerful sense that I had done this before, the goosebumps, the racing heart, and thinking, "This is just like the dream!" But this time I had proof; I had told my girlfriend about it!

I couldn’t wait to get home that day. When I finally saw my girlfriend, I told what had happened and I said, "Do you remember when I told you about that dream? When I told you the fragment that had been written of the board?"

Nope. She didn’t.

So now I'll never know. Did I really have precognitive episode while I was dreaming? Did my mind fly forward in time, to occupy a future self during a completely routine and meaningless moment in my life? Or did I have a dream about that classroom during vacation that was coincidentally similar to a real event that happened later? Did my girlfriend not remember me telling her about the dream because she forgot, or because that was part of the dream too, or maybe because my mind, so shocked by the power of the "memory," fabricated my recollection of the whole dream?

I’m not sure, but I’ll tell you this: the next time I have a déjà-dream of a teacher writing on the blackboard, I’m sure as hell going to write down his words!
Out of Time
by Gerald J.
Sept 2001

I was a maintenance mechanic working trying to unjam an electric elevator motor in the basement of an old sheet metal factory. I put a pipe wrench on the motor shaft and put a pole on the wrench to give me leverage. When I tried to turn the shaft, my left elbow accidentally touched a 500-volt power contactor. I was frozen and couldn't move. Finally, a neutral line fuse blew and I was let go. I sat down for about 20 minutes to make sure I was okay and went back to work. Two other mechanics and I attempted to repair a stovepipe elbow bending machine. We couldn't find out what was wrong with it. Then I said the next you know that hydraulic line might bust. As soon as I said it, the line busted and fluid went everywhere. They looked at me in disbelief. Next I went to work on a tube-cutting machine. I was looking at a small servo motor and it fell off. I blinked my eyes and looked again. The motor was still on its mount. But a couple of minutes later, the motor actually did fall off and I picked it up.

Then I started having dreams about future personal events that would occur right after I had the dream. It was like I was looking at a VCR tape over again when the events did actually occur. I went to my mother's house. As I was looking across the street, an old man came out of a garage, walked to the side of the house to a garden hose. The old man had gray hair peppered with black. When he got to the hose, he faded out. I didn't tell my mother what I saw. I asked her who stayed in the house before the present owners. She described the old man I saw and told me he died about a year after she moved on the street. Then I told her what I saw. She had described exactly what I saw. Next I was sitting in our sun room in the back of the house. I was alone. I blinked my eyes and our house was lit up and we had company. I blinked again... no was there but me. The next evening, relatives and friends dropped in and we had a sort of party. The house was lit up. All of the lights were on. These events kept occurring, but gradually faded as time went on. My conclusion: When I caught in grip of an electric current, I was thrown out of sync with the time flow. All matter and energy vibrates. I caused to be out of sync, like a ball in a steam it floats along then you grab it and hold it. The stream then flows around the ball. when the ball is let go it eventuality catches up to it former spot it the stream. This my theory of time travel and time flow discovered by accident.
Time Warp on TV
by Anonymous

I still do not know what to make of what happened to me. Back in '96 or '97 - I cant remember the date - but one night I was watching the Discovery Channel and the program I was watching was interrupted by what I thought at the time to be a different program. Except they were talking about stuff that did not happen yet. What confused me the most was that it was a news show much like CNN, they would tell us the subject then show pictures of that subject like on CNN. The subject that mainly was being discussed by important people in suits around a table, like a boardroom meeting was whether all the countries should trade, as in exports and imports, with the beings from other planets because the beings were putting pressure on us to cooperate with them, then they would try to be civil with us. The discussions went on and on. Apparently, the people, as in the real working people were not at all happy with the situation, they were uncomfortable with the beings that had so much power and technology over us. I also learned while watching was that some countries were already trading with them. The meeting was basically to unite the Earth countries, much like NATO, on one national agreement to this issue. There were other things being discussed, but I was to confused about what I just heard that I cannot remember.
Missing Time
by Harriet M.
Dec 2002

This morning, I was sitting up in bed, reading, and distinctly remember glancing at the clock and noting that it was almost midnight. I turned back to the book and glanced up again, thinking that no more than five or 10 minutes had passed. I felt somewhat freaked to discover that it was 3:03 a.m.! I was still sitting straight up in bed, the book open on my lap, the light on, in exactly the same position I had been in in what I thought had been five minutes ago, but was really almost three hours ago. I had no recollection of feeling the slightest bit tired, or having my eyelids feel heavy as I went to sleep, nor did I remember dreaming (and I ALWAYS remember every dream I have, if not vividly), or going through the process of waking up. I have had this feeling over ten times since fourth grade, and can recall specific instances where I would be playing with stuffed animals, clutching one in a specific position in one hand while sitting up in bed, and would glance at the clock at, maybe, 10:30. I would look again to find it almost 4:00, and I would be in the exact same position, holding the same toy, that I had been at 10:30 without ever falling asleep. For at least half of these experiences, I would not have to look at the clock to know that it had happened because I would hear a really high-pitched buzzing sound in both of my ears and would feel the way you feel when there is a sudden air pressure change, such as if you were taking off in a plane and went from the ground to a great height in one second, or the other way around.

The most recent time this happened, I also noticed other things that were odd, or "off" somehow (it's pretty hard to describe accurately). My vision was not exactly distorted, but things seemed as if I had my face pressed up against a television screen (you know how if you look too closely at one, the image looks weird and you can sort of see the little dots of color). However, I could not seem to keep my gaze focused on one thing because, although I was looking at everything normally, it felt in my head as if I were cross-eyed and couldn't stare at anything too long without it hurting between and behind my eyes. I kept thinking that the shadows were moving (but I am now almost positive that this part, at least, was just my imagination). Although I had left my window wide open and it was less than forty degrees outside, I felt so hot that my skin tingled all over. I also noticed that the light from my lamp made an almost completely random reflection on the ceiling, which vaguely resembled a crescent shape, but not really. However, I could also see this reflected on the blank screen of my TV set and there it was a perfect crescent with really, really sharp and defined edges. I could also see absolutely nothing else reflected on the screen, although I should really have been able to see the reflections of anything near my lamp, including my bed with me in it. I managed to get out of bed because I felt like I needed some water and headed into the bathroom. For no good reason, I felt really apprehensive and tense as I walked through the door, like I expected someone to spring out at me from behind the wall. I have this feeling every time I go into that room, no matter what time of day or night, whether I am home alone or someone is right in my room nearby. I never have this feeling anywhere else in my house.
Time Slips
by Derek E.

My dad was a taxi driver in Glasgow, Scotland, when I was a kid. Taxi drivers always have stories about famous people they had in the cab or crazy hires they got or great ones they just missed - and he had the lot of them. He also had one that was a bit more unusual. One day in, I suppose, the late 1960s, he was driving in the north of the city along Maryhill Road near Queen's Cross, one of the older parts of town and once its own separate community outside the city. One minute it was "now" - cars, buses, modern clothes, tarmac roads etc. - and the next he was in some earlier time. It was certainly pre-Victorian given the clothes he described people wearing, horses, rough road, lower buildings, people in rough clothes and bonnets etc. It lasted as long as it took him to be aware of it and then it vanished and he was back in "now."

The only thing I can think of that happened to me that was in any way similar was about 20 years ago, when my then wife and I were on a driving holiday in the North York Moors in England - you'd know it as American Werewolf in London country. We went to a tiny coastal village called Staithes, which had a steep winding and narrowing road down to the harbour, with the entrance to the houses and narrow footway at a higher level, say three or four feet. We parked at the top of the village - hamlet really - where the tourist buses and cars had to stop and made our way down on foot. What I remember is a brilliantly sunny day with lots of other people around, but as we made our way down, it just suddenly seemed as if no one else were there but my wife and me. An old woman appeared on the footway opposite us. It became cooler and duller. She asked, in what seemed to me an old-fashioned and very polite way (but may just have been the local accent and dialect), what year it was. Now lots of old people get confused and it could have been that, but what I remember vividly is her black clothes - handmade, rough and with hand-sewn buttons - really big compared with modern ones. Her shoes were very old fashioned with much higher and chunkier heels than you'd see an older person wearing nowadays. In the time it took me to turn to my wife and say, "Did you see that?" she was gone. The sun was back and so were all the people. She had, however, seen the same old woman and felt the same chill.
The Spinning Vortex
by Wendy
Dec 2002

When I was about 11 years old, I had come home from school and a friend of mine came over from across the street to hang out with me. We both decided to take a walk into the woods that were on the next street over. It is a place that we frequented. And we never before encountered what we did on this day.

We left the house at 2:30 and headed to the woods. As we got half way into them, we saw what appeared to be a spinning vortex. We were both standing just outside of this looking in. The trees where bending to the right as if in a swirling movement. We just froze where we stood in disbelief. In the center of this swirl was an unfamiliar landscape. It was as if there were no trees on the other side. Within in we could see a cinderblock garage, but there was no life or movement at all. Going farther in front of the garage, it was like a cliff - as if someone had used a bucketloader to create this landscape up above on top of the cliff where a row of houses - all exactly the same the same style, same color, the same distance apart from each other. There were telephone poles in a perfect line starting from the cliff. There where no trees around in that landscape at all. The road also started from the edge of the cliff.

The feeling I had at that time was fear. I felt that if we had walked into that vortex we would never be able to return. What I feel is that it was a doorway to another place and another time. We both ran back to my house breathless. We went in and told my mother what had happened. She thought we were crazy. I then asked my father if he had ever seen anything like that, and he told us no. When we looked at the time when we got back home, it was 4:30. Where did the time go? We didn't know. This occurrence has haunted me all of my life. I have never been able to get it out of my mind. Did I see a portal to another world?

In 1932, German newspaper reporter J. Bernard Hutton and his colleague, photographer Joachim Brandt, were assigned to do a story on the Hamburg-Altona shipyards. After being given a tour by a shipyard executive, the two newspapermen were leaving when they heard the drone of overhead aircraft. They at first thought is was a practice drill, but that notion was quickly dispelled when bombs began exploding all around and the roar of anti-aircraft gunfire filled the air. The sky quickly darkened and they were in the middle of a full-blown air raid. They quickly got in their car and drove away from the shipyard back toward Hamburg. As they left the area, however, the sky seemed to brighten and they again found themselves in the light of a calm, ordinary late afternoon. They looked back at the shipyards, and there was no destruction, no bomb-induced inferno they had just left, no aircraft in the sky. The photos Brandt had taken during the attack showed nothing unusual. It wasn't until 1943 that the British Royal Air Force attacked and destroyed the shipyard - just as Hutton and Brandt had experienced it 11 years earlier.
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