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Time Travelors from the Future...?


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Ok, I am all mixed up and need someone to straighten this out for me. I've read about John Titor, and the ideas of UFO's being time travelors from the future... but I can't seem to understand this; how does the future exist?... I mean we are all living right now, so how can a person travel here from the future... ok I tried to think about this for a couple hours last night because I couldn't fall asleep, but I couldn't grasp the idea. I can understand if we had a time machine right now, that we could go into the past, because it is us(now) going into the past, but then I suppose a person like me could be wondering the same thing then in the past when he sees a person from the future traveling there, because how could a person be from the future when it hasn't happened there yet, even though the person traveling would be from the future of that past, or the present here(now) Ok have I managed to confuse you guys yet?
I still can't understand this. When reading about John Titor I read about how there could be different world lines or time lines, I don't know the different, and I got how he was saying by traveling here he simply created another worldline, and it would not change him or the time where he came from in any way. Ok, so does that mean a time travelor from the future is coming here from their worldline? But how do they come from the future if it hasn't happened, argghhh. Would this mean different worldlines go by at a faster rate than others, so his would be in 2036 while ours was still in 2000(at the time of his first postings)?
Do you guys at least know what I'm trying to say, without losing you too much? People say if time travel will ever be possible, then they are already here. But how? If time travel is possible then eventually we will find out how to make it, and eventually have a time machine to use, but why necessarily say if its possible they are already here? How can they be here when we haven't lived into the future yet? How can they come from a place that doesn't exist to us yet? If you can help me understand this, thanks. :D
Because this is the future and im now reading your post that is how the future exsists.

The only way to show you is to give you an exsample!!

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Please read the post about

one other thing is i know what you are going post before you do and what you are going to say!!
That is how time travel would work.
Time Travelors from the Future...? Or guy stopped.

There are many ways to look at the term "Time Travellers"...

Some people believe it is 2047 or 60 Gabillion Years...

It is a delusion...

It is 2007 (REAL TIME /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif)

Time and Space move forward in time...

Maybe they stopped someone in time.. and gained knowledge they were not supposed to...

Creating "false" time bubble impressions in their mind...

The simplest explanation is... usually right...

But this is all very deep stuff...

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