"The future ain't what it used to be."




I this lecture I want to speak to you about Healing - Healing through the Sanctuary of the Silent Healing Power. This work has prepared by the great Spiritual Centre above the Mighty Himalayas, directed by the Solar Angels who are directly responsible for this work and who are in direct communication with the Earth Plane. This same force was used through Jesus when he was on earth and is still being used by him now.

The Presence is always present and it is this that all Masters know so well, and I want to direct you in the way of using this power for the benefit of all.

Now, most people speak about creative thought power and many think that thoughts of Love and Strength sent out to people whom they know to be in sorrow, ill-health or depressed, help them. Now many have tried to do this and often persons to whom these thoughts have been directed have been helped, but more often the upliftment does not last long and this has made many people doubt the value of this kind of thought power.

The weakness in this kind of thought projection is that the one who sent forth the thought did not understand the true fundamentals upon which it works with the result that only a little was done instead of a lot.

It is not a question of sending thoughts to someone who is suffering or not suffering. It is a question of thought itself.

How can anyone help another if they themselves are uncertain of their own achievements, their own desires and actions?

If you are strong, certain, purposeful, then you automatically help everyone around you. Buy this strength, this certainty, this purposefulness only comes when the presence of the Presence is realized. How can you be purposeful if you are uncertain? What does your thought amount to when you are weak yourself? I have made it plain by now I hope that it is not the individual alone that does the work and if thought is weak it is not usable. But if thought is charged with the essence of the Presence from within, then it is usable by the Spiritual forces who are working with you.

Bees go to the flowers that have the nectar out of which honey is made. The objective is pure honey. Now if you are all the time concerned with whom you are going to help without being concerned with having the quality that enables you to help, then you do not have pure honey or nectar to make honey.

Spontaneous action is always beautiful and hence it has certain qualities to help but it does not sustained that aid unless it is charged with that real quality of the Presence, for this means permanent and complete aid.

Now this quality is effortless and hence one is not concerned with whom one is helping or not helping. If you are concerned, worried and entangled in the idea of whether you are helping or not helping, you are caught up in a mental struggle which is not filled with the presence. The Presence is healing and the Presence is in everyone, and it is the All and not only the individual you must be concerned with. The projection of the Healing Force charged with the Presence is that effortless reality that in itself contains the cure for all conditions. You do not have to think of a particular trouble or to send a particular thought, what is necessary is to know that the Presence is present and this in itself fulfils the Law.

I want to take you back to the time when Jesus returned to Capernaum after passing through the coast town in his mission of healing and teaching. The news of this wonderful healing power had spread far and near.

As he reached Capernaum a man named Jairus, an eminent member of the Church and the community, came to him and beseeched him to heal his little daughter aged twelve, who had been taken seriously ill and had been given up by the physician as incurable. What I am going to relate to you will convey to you the meaning of what I want you to receive probably more than if I made several communications on the subject.

Now Jesus was teaching at the time when Jairus approached him and because of the father's great grief Jesus paused in his teaching and turned towards Jairus' house. Of course you can imagine the throng of people who followed him to see this - another miracle - performed, everyone was jostling one another and pressed hard around the Master Jesus. His mind was made up, He knew the Presence was with the child and himself. His whole being was charged with the power of the Presence. His organism was filled with the vital forces ready to be released at any moment. When he felt someone touch his garment in search for healing he immediately perceived what had happened, for he felt the stream of this Living Force flow from him into one who was ready to receive it, and he turned and said, "Power hath been drawn from me, who touched my garment?" Now it is obvious that many had touched his garment but only one had claimed that power, so his garment was touched in a certain way and the power flowed from him towards the one who had sought it so fervently. At that moment the woman was healed and his words were to her a benediction, "Thy faith made thee whole."

It is this Presence what you all must realize and feel within you and as you come into the Sanctuary you give off that power so that thousands eagerly waiting with faith can receive it.

But let me complete my story to you about the healing of the little girl. As Jesus neared the house of Jairus the servants and relatives came running out to exclaim in their sorrow mingled with a certain amount of resentment because the "healer" had not arrived sooner, that the little girl has died. The father broke down at this terrible news coming at the greatest moment of his hope. Jesus turned to him and said, "Jairus, have faith, believe will all your heart, and the presence of God will be revealed to you."

Jesus then called on three of his disciples, Peter, James and John, and sent outside all the weeping family and the wailing neighbors.

He then took hold of the child's cold hands within his own. Then a strange happening began; the little chest began to swell out with Life's breath and the child's cheeks began to glow with Life's blood; as she opened her eyes with a wonderful look she peered into the eyes of Jesus and smiled, within she knew that the Presence had met the Presence.

This incident created a great stir. The orthodox priests and relatives were indignant. How dared the usurper (as they called him) interfere with the dead on whom the last rites had been performed and whom the learned physician had pronounced dead.

But Jesus knew their ignorance, took no notice and went back to his work of teaching as if the event was just an ordinary occurrence. It was to him because he knew, but to others it was a miracle.

As the work progressed he began to instruct his disciples in the methods of Healing and as his disciples went forth under his instructions great successes were obtained.

You can imagine how the news spread of this young Hebrew from Nazareth who had been doing mighty works among the people, yet he showed them that this very power lay within themselves. If you will only believe in me and what I tell you, these things you see me do you will do even greater things and anything you ask in my name my Father will give to you. his name was the presence, the very Father being expressed in the Son; and that this Presence is ever-present everywhere, not only in the visible but in the invisible as well, was something that most people could not grasp, that those who had passed from earth were still present with God, and the Presence was still in them. This was beyond their comprehension, and is much the same with most people today.

Look back in your own lives and think: how long is it since this knowledge has come to you, this assurance of the Mighty Presence in your midst and think how you have changed. "God in the midst of thee is mighty."

I hope you are beginning to see now the true meaning of what I want to convey to you. Words are inadequate to describe the indescribable but when within yourselves you feel this Presence although you cannot say it is there or here, it is working through you; or when you leave this room you are aware of something that you can not describe - that is the "Truth" that sets you free. For that which can de described in not the truth. The knowing in within yourselves but that knowing is not explainable in words. Only the mind that sees can know within itself this glory that is indefinable, this grandeur that words can not express, this ecstasy that the human mind is incapable of giving expression to, to the full. This love that remains when all other emotion has died away. This wisdom which is true expression from within, where reaction has faded into nothingness.

This is the quality that I want you to have and wherever you are and whomsoever you meet, you help automatically. For we are always present with those who have this quality and through them we can help others.

So you see it is not a one-sided affair as most of you have thought.

I will try to give you a short description of what happens on our side. As space is limited I will confine myself to the operators who descend from the more interior planes and not those who are in your immediate plane next the earth.

Now I want you to realize that you can not gaze upon the Angel form and see it as it really is, but the Angel form can descend through the various planes, taking on the quality and form of that plane and can be actually embodied in the flesh. For the Angel must assume the appearance of those who inhabit the external planes in which the angel is functioning.

Now Angels can and will and do appear in the outer earth plane as men and women and then return into the Angelic spheres and appear there as such. I know it is quite difficult for most people to understand this, but in your own work you appear on the inner planes, as you know, entirely different from what you appear in the physical. You retain a great deal of your youthful appearance when you return to earth again and this happens during your sleep state. Just as you saw Geshi Rimpoche appear to you on several occasions when you were in trouble in the Himalayas, so you can realize what can be done for others by thousands of spiritual workers eager to help through the Sanctuary of the Silent Healing Power.

The Sanctuary of the Silent Healing Power is our work; you were told and inspired by us to set up the necessary foundation on the earth plane. The Presence is within each one of us as it is within each one of you. Also Angels proper, who do not become embodied in forms on the lower planes, commune with embodied human beings by reason of the Life Current. They can enter into the consciousness of those with whom they commune, while in contact, as you experience when lecturing to your class.

This will give you much valuable information to be passed on to those who are capable of receiving it.

Great operators are penetrating through the different planes of being within our Solar System, the inmost of which have been till now unheard of and unknown to us. Yet to them, from the Centre to the outer is linked up in one continuous unity, while with us the higher and inner planes remain discrete and transcendent. This action really pertains to the process of the Evolution of the Cosmos.

As the offspring of these mighty beings, made in the image and likeness of their parent, the Solar Angels, plunge down into this outer plane and return again into their homes, and as you in this outer plane express more and more of that Presence which is within all, and in all planes of manifestation, so, in increasing numbers, will these Beings descend to your earth. As you all become more powerful so will the work be greater.

The Blessing of the Angel of Light is upon you all and your work of the Sanctuary of the Silent healing Power.


Oh, Silent "One," Who ever remains behind invisible space, Thou hast torn the veil of Eternity and appear in finitude in the boundless temple of space.

In the Shrines of Cosmos dreams the idol of finitude moves consciously in the sleep of individuality.

As I opened my spiritual eyes I gaze into Eternity and there abide. I see the One who became many, yet remained One.

It is Thy Presence alone that will loosen the entanglements of our self - woven nets of illusion. Let Thy Presence spread over the earth, sprinkling each petal of Thy flower of humanity with Thy dewdrop of Love, so as each awakens to Thy presence, Thy Love shall lead the way back to Thee, Oh, Beloved One.