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Hey everyone!

I've been slammed at work for the past few weeks, so thank you for keeping an eye on the place. I'm slowly resurfacing and will keep making visible progress here, but I've also been working on some behind-the-scenes stuff in the little bit of free time I've been able to sneak in.

At this point, none of the off the shelf solutions I've tried have worked for what we're doing here (WordPress, Invision Community Pages, portal plugins, etc). I've tried "just living with it" and making do with what each system provides, but the end result is always something that makes the community an afterthought.

I try not to get sucked under the current, but it happens sometimes. Please don't confuse my preoccupation with a lack of interest in things here. We aren't going anywhere, but I might give you all some more powers so you can have more control and access if I've fallen off the Earth again.

I've been coding my own custom solution to handle the movie/book/game database stuff to work the way I want them to. Once it's done, we'll be able to expose a lot more of the forum (using the nifty API) across all the different sections and make it easier for people to find interesting content. We're not changing forum software anytime soon; this is something separate and custom that can pull data from our existing setup.

@PaulaJedi and @Classicalfan626 mentioned that the site has been pretty inactive, and that's 100% true. Some of that is a lack of new content being posted, and my being busy hasn't helped with that. The other part is really being able to find stuff worth posting in; a lot of the good stuff gets buried and interesting conversations aren't readily apparent. There's only so many categories you can spread things out to, so I need to find creative ways to dig deeper (without making it retarded). That's what I'm aiming to improve with the custom development.

If you look at the previous attempts at the movies section, it was pretty isolated even when it was running directly on this software. You had comments integrated, but that was about it. There was no good way to cross-link to other related areas of the site. In the custom solution I'm building, movies will pull in (at a minimum):

  1. Comments for that entry (from the forum)
  2. Any content tagged with that movie's name
  3. Any content with the name of the movie in the title or a post (think "possibly related")
  4. Similar movies
  5. Related articles, books, games, etc

Even if you don't care about the CCDB stuff, the articles section alone will be worth it. Articles are in-depth explanations of different subjects within each of the core topics. An article about telekinesis (under Parapsychology), Wikipedia-like formatting (but a kickass design) and then links to movies, books, threads, etc. associated with whatever article it is.

The telekinesis article, for example, would explain the phenomenon at whatever length is appropriate but include links to things that help you experience or engage in that kind of subject. Matilda is a good example to link to here, as is Scanners or Zapped.

Extrapolate sort of web geekdom throughout most all other areas of the site and  you've got a nice way to help people burrow into and discover the good stuff here (or at least help me keep learning to program). I know most of this sounds like gibberish, but it'll make sense once you use it.

Anyways, that's my update ? Thank you again for holding the fort. I'll have something fancy to show in a few weeks.

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I will try to post some things again, but I honestly really enjoyed the site before it was integrated with Cosmos.  IMHO, and nothing to worry about. It is what it is. 

I think that once you make a final decision and leave the software alone (hehe resist all temptation!), people will come back.  A big, mass invitation would also help.

Observation: Not getting notifications for many new posts, but I just figured out that I need to click "unread posts" to see the new ones.

This may not be clear to everyone. 

[QUOTE='PaulaJedi]I will try to post some things again, but I honestly really enjoyed the site before it was integrated with Cosmos
[/QUOTE]Understandable, but I can't spend this much money and time and be locked into one niche.

Once can you see what I see, you'll understand why it's taken so long to get here. The custom stuff cuts the shit and helps get people to where the "meat" is; the hidden gems. No more trying to manhandle off-the-shelf software into something that only ever got us halfway to where it needed to be. We will be an authority on the paranormal in general and an absolute ruler of the time travel niche in particular if it kills me.

I'm not contesting that the forums suck at the moment (they do), but it will be worth the wait.


I feel that the John Titor legend is being lost.  I have an idea.  Could you at least post the old site in a link?  You can disable posting.  I personally feel people want to see the Titor posts exactly how they were posted -- original software and everything.  

When you go to a museum with antique houses, is it going to be cool to see the houses remodeled in a 2020 style?  There would be no point in going to see these.

In fact, they wouldn't be antique anymore.  

You own a legend right now.  Why do you want to destroy it?  I vote that we post the old site to be historically accurate.  Then, you can focus on new content.

Give people a reason to come tour.  They can branch off and discuss it on the "new" forum. 

You do excellent work.  You work very hard and you have MANY talents.  We just don't want to see a legend disappear.  There are many curious newcomers that want to experience it as it was years ago, just like a museum!  

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I've got the new TTI portion of the site about 70% done. There is now one custom system running the frontend for both Curious Cosmos and Time Travel Institute so I can "share" some things between the two. By frontend I mean everything else that's not the forum; we're on commercial software here. There's some other fancy stuff going on that'll help us out later but it's all internal connection things nobody else will care about.

TTI is getting a revamp during this; not done but some things you can check out:Screen Shot 2020-11-15 at 12.58.25 PM.pngScreen Shot 2020-11-15 at 12.58.49 PM.pngScreen Shot 2020-11-15 at 12.58.39 PM.pngScreen Shot 2020-11-15 at 12.58.35 PM.png

"Time Travel in Culture" page is not the same as CCDB. These are more like baseball cards that don't have their own individual page, but can still be populated here using CDDB content. Probably not explaining that right, but we're also in the middle of putting our Christmas tree up and battling the cat who decided to claim it as his own.

Now that I have this running on the site now, I'll be around some more. Was absent for a couple weeks because I had to use my free time to puzzle out some things and get it working. More cool stuff on its way.

FYI, the Time Travel Institute section here on the forum will get its original TTI forum theme back. Like this one:


Unsure if any of you can actually see that but hey, worth a shot.

The goal is that while the TTI forums got put on Curious Cosmos, you won't immediately be able to tell the difference unless you navigate higher up the site structure and into Curious Cosmos land.

I launched some of the new TTI layout. Still some things to do in order for me to call it "done", and I'll add a couple features after that. Good round of polish at the very least ? Also set up the TTI forums here to use the original TTI forum skin.