"The future ain't what it used to be."

A friend from the future



Believe me or not I was contacted via the internet by a friend of mine from the future, from thirty years into the future. I've benn talking to him through it for three weeks or so now, I was skeptical at first but he's proven it through things that we had done and secrets only he and I know. I know his past self and his future self and talk to them each regularly, the past has no knowledge of the future one at all. This is really cool I don't care if you believe me or not, I just thought it was cool.

Is it the 300 year old Highlander?

Whats his name, maybe we know him around here?

Please note' did this guy from the future concur with what time travelor John Titor had said about the future and some of the catastrophies that had occured world wide?
What do you mean? We just talk about what we did or do alot in this time, I'm only 18 now so I have no clue what your talking about, He did mention some meteor thing, but didn't say.

How does your future friend physically access the internet? Wouldn't he have to be here in this time to use the keyboard? And if so why doesn't he come visit you in person?
skye, I do believe you because alot of things have happened to me too and nobody believes me either. Tell us more about your experience. clara
Cat please tell me about this john titor.Did he see things in the future like earth changes, some places being underwater and the land mass becoming smaller. clara

Your asking the wrong person! I don't know jack about John Titor! But I know enough to stay clear of that fruit cake!

Remember all the controversey about him a couple years back on the news and all those people that commited suicide over him! Believing he was going to take them for a ride on the comet Hali Bop!

Well thats the guy! Anybody that can follow an imbecile like that has to have rocks in their head!


P.S. The guy to ask about Titor is TTA. Check back into some of his past posts with Pamela.

And Creedo I hope your not a follower of that creep?

How do you know that all this 'earth changes stuff' isn't just a decoy to shift the thinking portion of the population away from thinking about the plans that 'big money' has for ripping us clean to hell off at every turn?

Water World > might < get you next century, but the power of money is for sure getting us big time RIGH NOW.

And no, John gave a big Zippo to any climate change.

This protect the future for the ravages of polution is a big horse and pony show to get your mind off the wicked scams they are already pulling off on a daily basis. By the time the future gets here they will have already cashed out their stock options......sucker.

What you trying to pull? John Titor has got nothing to do with Applegate or Hale Bopp.
Ok ok, lemme see, wow I didn't expect so many replies, ok well, he doesn't have to be here in this time, he could be travelling though time with his mind maybe, we talk through a specific program that he knew I was on alot, as far as you knowing him I doubt it, he never knew about this place now or in the future, lemme think more about this ok? I'll be back with a reply.
Ok I don't know why he won't come in person but it may be his own reasons, I dunno, anyhoo anymore q's just ask and I'll try to answer them, I can only tell you so much, he doesn't tell me anything about the future, not much anyway, stupid things, so if you want to know about something ask, if I can tell you I will.
Ya got an e-mail address for me sky?

I would like to ask a few questions of you privatly, please?

Thanks if you can Daniel..

I'd like to hear about some of your experiences like this, could you email me a few maybe if you can at the address above? Thanks.
Ok That account is no good, I can't log in to it due to that extra storage thing on hotmail so heres another one I have. [email protected] that should do it. Sorry for the trouble if you tried to send me something and it didn't go through.
please would sombody tell me about john titor. Is he or isn't he the crazy guy who killed himself. Where can I find info about him. Is he alive does he have a web site. clara