"Circular" Theory of Time and the TARDIS

Yeah the whole treatise really fits together and is indeed well written. The author seems to never makes the mistake of declaring something that can easily be proved incorrect. This is not as easy to do as one might first assume.

I'm writing a Sci-Fi novel myself set 3 million years into the future where Parrots (yes Parrots!) have evolved into the most intelligent species from Earth. (Sort of a "Wathership Down" meets "Foundation and Empire".)

In Sci-Fi I've found 3 things to be fairly reasonable to count on:

1 - You can invent new technology no one has ever heard of to the hilt. The best part. (Sub quantum plasmic defermerators and the like.) :)

2 - You can take current "fringe" technology to some fairly wild speculative levels. (Overlapping event horizons produce a stasis area where attached to a propulsion methodology result in a self-perpetuating worm hole.) heh heh.

3 - You CANNOT misstate accepted theory one iota. The dogs will come out of the woodwork and eat you alive. (The faster you travel to the center of the universe, the further backward it propels you in time.) Whooops!!


I hope you are not using Teleportasion in your novel?? I worked on that idea for a while and im sure its impossible!!(famouse last words)
Anyway good luck with the novel..

I have this thought that the infamous "Transporter" of Star Trek fame MAY eventually be do-able. Disassemble matter at the quantum level, transmit it's configuration over a distance and re-assemble it into the original form.

One MAJOR drawback however.

No living thing will be able to survive the experience!

No problem for freight delivery, BIG PROBLEM for personal transportation.

FedEx and UPS will find a use for it.

United Airlines won't.

On the topic of teleportation (as in Star Trek and the like), teleporting "atoms" suchs as parts of the body, brain, hair, etc. is one thing, but did anyone think of the effects of thsi on the "mind" or conscience?

Is the mind/ conscience contained within the "brain"? If so, then how can "imagination", "thoughts" etc. be composed of atoms when they clearly do not exist?

Down to the sub-atomic level, do quark, gluons, protons, etc. really constitute conscience and mental entity?

I've asked that one myself. Getting downright "spiritual" here about this aren't we.

If the "SELF" is only contained in the patterns of our Quanta, than I'd have to concede that the transport is viable for travel by humans.

Larry Niven did this in 'A World Out Of Time'. In the story, the transporter also had the benefit of filtering out those "dead" cells we all have at any given time, transporting only the robust healthy ones with virtual immortality being the side benefit of this method.