"The future ain't what it used to be."

Do you believe our present time is being visited by travelers from the future?


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20 years ago, Time Travel Institute had a poll on it's home page asking the question above. 

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In keeping with the spirit of the original site, I thought it'd be nice to restart that poll here and get an idea of what everyone thinks these days. Feel free to cast your vote and let us know why you think that way.

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The only issue is that there is no concrete proves about

On top of that these fake profiles are using Tik Tok an IG as platform to share their fakeness

If time travel exists 1000 years in our future, you can bet that they've been visiting the past.  They would need to be stealth to do it, IMHO. 

I was a no, and then 2020 happened and felt like a full year of the deja vu cat scene from The Matrix.
My theory is, even if time travel exists in 1000 years, it exists now because future humans and aliens are most likely visiting us. I’m pretty sure most sightings we have are ourselves visiting from the future. I don’t know why we’d be so careless, but I suppose they know their past government would cover it up, anyway.
Yes if time-travel did exist it always existed

Because nothing is stopping someone from the far future to meet someone in the past whenever they wanted

and by that logic everyone is must have been influenced or directly made contact with a time traveler in their lifetime

if there is a reason why we have never contacted anyone from the future is either they never time-travelled or they have some rules and norms while contacting us or if not time travel is a real hard thing that only a selected few can do with extreme training and knowledge.

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Ok, no problem. I’m mostly active on paranoramlis. Hope that’s not a competing website or dirty language around here. :p I’d appreciate a link when it’s ready.
Paranormal is awesome and everyone is welcome - I’ve known Num for over a decade now. In a past life, I was the original owner of Paranormalis, but it’s an iteration of TimeTravelForum.net 4 which I helped out with back in 2004.

I gave the site to Num in 2011 and he’s kept it online and growing better than I ever could. Say hi to Harte for me ? He’d enjoy what we’re about to be doing here and Curious Cosmos. Don’t let the shabby appearance fool you.

I think its being visited by many travelers from the future. I only think of a one particular reason. I think in our time there is still a good environment like plants, forest etc. But in future all of this will be gone and future scientists will be looking for a way to change their polluted environment. So maybe yes they are visiting us to study the nature again to fulfill their needs.
I voted yes. I do think that the present is absolutely being visited by time travelers of the future. Despite the multitude of claims that are either doubtful or false, I believe there are time traveling visitors to our time from the future. I think the real reason between the genuine and the fake, is that the real time travelers keep their actions and whereabouts top secret.
I voted no. But I do have the opinion that it could be.
For those who have not come across Isaac Asimov, the end of eternity, you are seriously missing out
It is an exceptional theory of how such a thing could happen. And it is a very plausible set of mechanics of this topic.

So the reason I say not yet, is because I like to think we only need slight pushes to put us on the right track, not the bloody disasters we seem to be enduring.

So if we were being controlled, we should have had enough gentle pushes and therefore not have war, global warming etc

So my case for proof of ability is based on the absence of results to show it is happening.

But I would like to think that the machine cannot pass before the date of creation. So if they have the ability, ,it would still be early days, so perhaps not decided yet on how to use the ability.

I guess we just have to look for unlikely events having the fabled butterfly effect.
@Prof - Welcome to TTI! 🙂

As a side note, anyway, I strongly believe that global warming, as it is portrayed by the mainstream media, is a hoax invented by communists. Yes, the Earth goes through phases of increases and decreases in temperature, and climate-alternating technology probably does exist. But manmade global warming, characterized by carbon emissions, carbon footprints, etc. is pseudoscience invented by communists to scam ignorant people.

I think you’d likely have better luck having a professional boxer like Mike Tyson (at his prime) beat the crap out of an adult male lion, than alter the climate simply by mainstream burning of fossil fuels.

As for the rest of your post, that’s some good food for thought. 🙂
I voted no. Two reasons of why not. One of which being I don’t think time travel to the past is possible. Another one being I just don’t think we are very important right now, as compared to other times.
Thank you for your reply, and I will try to stay away from contentious issues such as I mentioned above, and try to stick with the simple things like time travel 😂

There is something in the back of my mind that tells me absolutely that it is possible, and this same nagging voice tells me that it is easier than many people believe.

I have no idea why my brain is so sure of this, but I do hope that one day it will give me the answers I need. But I hope I have found a home here to work out some of the theories I have. It would be nice to solve the issue once and for all, and then work out the possible effects.
@Prof - That’s a very good set of statements you have there! I assume you believe it’s possible to time travel both to the past and to the future. If that’s the case, guess what, I do too. In fact, I also have an inner voice inside my mind that tells me that not only is time travel possible in any direction, but that it’s also possible to change history! There’s an old saying that goes, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way,” and I very much agree with this.