"The future ain't what it used to be."

Finchducksoup is a fake!

RE: CAT and Darby, semi historical post:


You posted above:

<<Incalucluba Papers, means, you can't calculate it.>>

Nope wrong again! It CAN be calculated! And to know this knowledge is the ultimate power over all life!

ONG is the Hebrew word for Netzah meaning there is nothing good higher than delight. Its Genatria mathematical equivalent equals 123. (for the 123 gates) 123 also coresponds to the Hebrew letters YHV (which is the holly name for G-D) You can find refrence to this in the Sefer Yetzirah. (not for me to worry because not to many (if any) understand what I have just said.)

So you like getting into my genealogy? Yes you have an interesting one too! How much of this, if not more is passed down to your sibling? THE Y CHROMOSOMES ARE WONDERFUL AREN'T THEY?

From me to you, this is the REAL REASON why I was so furious at you in the first place and made the social call for reveiling this on a public forum without my concent! And it still remains strickly CONFIDENTIAL!

RE: CAT and Darby, semi historical post:

Speaking of confidential, Cat your saying way to much on here
. Shhzzz, you don’t know who can be listening to what you’re saying. It’s bad enough you got Creedo’s attention and brain picking :p

Desecration is the better part of Valor


Note on you say, God and the Angelic heiarchies do subcontact out, for some of what they need done.

I know this for a fact.

Wasn't showing off here CAT, they took something from me and I don't want bothered by them four years for now, if this really was the case.

From what I remember via my private e-mails, P.M. had said her missing times were about the same as mine.

Have you ever had someone spary liquid alum on your privates?

Well that's how drained my nads felt the relative weeks near my conversation with P.M....Wern't doing nothing, or shooting someone, that thar week.

Since your on the subject of being Yiddish, which I think is a cowboy conspiracy, how is yahoo a Western term and also is a Yiddish term, such as Benjerman Neten-Yahoo?

Ever hear of the Yiddish texas based country group, known as the singing Texas Jew Boys?

Yep that's a roger, real singing county folk from Tex-eggs, that's them tar countryfied Jew Boys and know what else?

They's good!?

I've had real wild dreams of dressin up like a charicter from Fiddler on the Roof, only covered with dust and doin something totally Yiddish in on one of the stoops, in San Fran.

A little container from somewhere in deli town, maybe a little Yiddish treat, lookin like George Cloony with long droopy locks fer sideburns.

"Hey Jacob, what-cha got in that little white box, is it Chinese food"!?...I retork,"Nope ain't so, is an atomic secret, some mystafyingly Jewish and only my little secret"???!

CAT;Got to ask you since you brought it up, is a Y chromosome, worth it's chrome, if you ask it too much?Eerr does it ask Y, or U?

At the end of your last sentance, you ment va'loor, you know the stuff that looks like chrushed velvet?

I mean if your a guy and just got out of the gym and are all pumped up, of course you want to wear a velevet looking cape, as you strool through the byways of San Fancisco.

Really pumped up, lookin buffed, with your septer, wearing a speedo, and a crown.

Everyone might think that your either queen for The Month, or World Federation Wresteling.

I think that both wresteing and dressing in capes, is an exiteing thing to do in San Francisco.

Raceing down the hills and streets, with my velvatine cape trailing behind me.
RE: YOUR 100% RIGHT!!!!!!

Your right Javier,

I have said to much already! Which is not my original intent and reason for moderating this board. I came here in hopes to instill into people that are interested in Time Travel to think otherwise! And to teach them that Time Travel is morally and ethically wrong under the basis of the divine authorship!

I have A clear basis to assess this because as you and creedo know now my knowledge extends quit far into recourses that few endeavor or can understand. I share my knowledge sparingly on few occasions.

I would not be saying this for my health but for my future grandchildren and for the whole of humanity in hopes of breaking the chain of command and control over the mass by pulling the weeds and implanting the seed of proper thought.

Javier, ultimately you are my mentor! KEEP UP THE GOOD FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!! I'm right behind ya all the way!

Creedo, I have second thoughts about you. I LIKE YOU TOO!!!!!!! But watch out for who's piggy backing off ya! And be careful I am extremely temperamental when shown affection to, as there is no telling when this crazy Cat will bite!

RE: To Creedo...

Fiddler on the roof! Yes good movie!!! Hey, HOW DID THAT TIME TRAVELING FIDDLER GET ON THE ROOFS ANYWAYS?????? And how about all the times paused in the movie when Ratevia talked to G-D?

Ever see Barbara Stiedstand in Yentel? One of my favorite songs sung by Barbara plays in the movie. The part where she is on the boat and sings the song Papa. Sends tingling chills down my spine!!!

And George Clooney! OH BABY HE'S HOT!!!! How did you know I find him sexy? I wonder if he's Jewish?

<<Note on you say, God and the Angelic heiarchies do subcontact out, for some of what they need done>>

That is true Daniel and you might even in some small way be doing his work! But do me a favor and stay about from that Semjase chic she is bad news! Deceptive! and Very slutty! Liquid alum hu? YIKES (isn't that the stuff they use to make bombs?) your lucky you still have your manliness! Maybe I can give you a few prayer pointers on how to get rid of her if you'd like?

Regarding Y chromosome. It is the genetic mitochondria DNA that has been passed on by the father to his son! Geneticist can track this Y chromosome back hundreds if not thousands of years. They can determine who your ancestors were or what race or origin of the world you came from by spikes in the DNA testing. Well in my case it would be Cohanim.

RE: To CAT...

Yes I know the inuendo concerning S and Dr. Fred Bell of Pyradine.

It wasn't here, it was a poster who is on the Anom net. on genetic transfers.

Never piggybacked off you, don't want to.

In my story I wrote, there was a time travel episode that was put in, another reason I'm here.

Same food served by the cafeteria, however in differnt lines, you and me, by coincidence.

That's all, no biggie, by chance we are all here.

My oldest Earth based sister I got along with, the youngest, I did not.

When Semjase and I had merged, she was the only thing I had outside my family.

I don't judge, and there is even a possable telling, that she had been clubed by Billy, which I'm having trouble with additionally.

On who they subcontracted to.

The out of time aliens who took the Heaven's Gate Cults souls on agreement, does soul instilation for the Angelic heiarchies.

This is what Marshall Applewhite had run into, only did not understand that these dudes either place souls into people concerning Earth humans, or arrange to take them out.No other intrest, have they, nor did they concerning the Heavens Gate people, which gives me the willies.

I don't think that they had wanted to live anymore.

They just got tired of life and wanted to end it and this is why they were so salutory, in their setting up of web sites in the busniess they ran.

Applewhite WAS,.. a shyster in his early career, however after while, he did meet the out of body crew and this had spelled out of body perminatly, for Applewhite and his crew.

Technically what do you know about Semjase?

It's only a name to me, but even if she's on the offs, then I would appriciate a little knowlege from you please, CAT?
To: CAT and Creedo

I’m glad you two (perhaps me included) could finally come to a mutual understanding of one another

I give it 2 weeks
tops, j/k.

But I still got my Activist job to do here.

<<I've had real wild dreams of dressin up like a charicter from Fiddler on the Roof, only covered with dust and doin something totally Yiddish in on one of the stoops, in San Fran.>>

Sorry Creedo, but could it be that maybe your in “denial”
? What kind of man is truly behind that man you see in the mirror? I’m sure he’s dying to come out and play.

Bytheway, I played Lazar Wolf in my high school production of Fiddler on the Roof. Great classic movie; TRADITIOONN

<<And George Clooney! OH BABY HE'S HOT!!!! How did you know I find him sexy? I wonder if he's Jewish? >>

You’re sure a frisky kitty, aren’t you CAT
? I hope your husband is not the jealous type
cause I sure would be if my girlfriend ever said something like that.

It’s the principle behind it :p.



Well first of all I'm not into UFO / Alien spirituality its a mockery of the one true G-D! I guess everyone is trying to make a name for themselves these days and claim their power as G-Ds!

And yes there is certainly more to just a name then meets the eye as I have just explained to you in the aspect of Human DNA. Its inherent in the blood.

I don't know much about semjase but what I have gathered from a distance from you and picking up thoughts as I read in between the lines of your posts is that she manifests herself within you as being all honest and forthright and can do no wrong! THE CATS @SS SO TO SPEAK!

And that she is in need for a individual that has the smarts from several life's progressions that is good, honest, loving and trustworthy individual such as yourself Daniel. she is looking for thousands of years of assimilated knowledge and this is why you feel you stand out from the great masses of human beings on Earth, and this is your reasoning for why she choose you in the manner she did. She is a bad BAD spirit!

You yourself have spoken her exact words in your post saying that you have no knowledge of her connection to religion after I pointed out the fact that her name can be found in the book of Enoch as being a fallen spirit, but yet you still claim she has no connection to human religions.

As far as I'm concerned she doesn't have a mission! There is no need for her supposedly smart superiority to warn us of other worldly threats! Her task is to rid us of RELIGION! and why because within that lies the TRUTH THAT WOULD TAKE HER SUPERIOR POWER AWAY! Religion is the biggest threat to Semjase! always has been and always will be! As it is to most evil entities!

Her teachings are null and void! and certainly do not earn my respect! And you my friend need to get over her! AND GET OVER HER NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And what's more why did her name surface again in reference to me after everytime I bring up or mention religion?

Why because she feels threatened that this knowledge is seeping into your thoughts and you are learning and being directed in the path of truth. But not to worry, I have my arsenal fully armed and loaded, this CAT packs more than just claws!

Boy it looks like your under attack from this Punch guy!

And TTA I don't know what your talking about? just because I comment on somebody that is good looking like George Clooney doesn't mean I would even condescend to consort with them! Hey, its what got him famous anyways, right? I mean you have to have some sort of appeal to the public. And besides George Clooney is a house hold name for women weather married or unmarried! Even Johnny Bravo compares himself with George C. so what your problem?????????????


<font size="1" color="#FF0000">LAST EDITED ON 28-Jun-02 AT 04:00AM (EDT)</font>

<<And TTA I don't know what your talking about? just because I comment on somebody that is good looking like George Clooney doesn't mean I would even condescend to consort with them! Hey, its what got him famous anyways, right? I mean you have to have some sort of appeal to the public. And besides George Clooney is a house hold name for women weather married or unmarried! Even Johnny Bravo compares himself with George C. so what your problem?????????????>>

CAT, my dear friend. Please, let’s be reasonable about this. Whether a man or a women choose to lust over anyone, doesn’t mean that will consort with them.

But it does mean that they have had an impure thought about it that could betray and hurt a person who is relying on their trust. That’s all I’m saying.

It’s fine to admire someone for their talents and accomplishments, but to go ga-ga over someone, solely on infatuation of their physical attraction and being spoken for, is something completely different that crosses the line.

Anything further then that point, I have no problem.


P.S. Am I still your mentor
RE: To: TTA...

I never said that the TTA was perfect. I will never classify my thoughts as completely pure, but I am conscious of them, and try hard to struggle with the nature of the beast
. As do everyone else for that matter, I am sure. There is nothing wrong with trying, as long as you have a handle for it and take responsibility for it when it acts up.

RE: To MOP, nutral leave post:

I will not be attending this posting board, for sometime to come, due to the fact of the placing of two memebers, who are violently opposed to time travel and or its concept, placed upon this baord, without MOP censure.

My reasons are the defractation of that once a point has been made, forinstance, that the Angelic heiachies do subcontract bunsiess out, that this should be at first agreed on, and then later turned.

This is treachery by these two parties and demonstates a certan propensity iof fratrecide; in both their abilites to at first befriend and then later turn on this befriended memeber, within a destructive phase, for their own self measures pourposes.

Sigmund Frued had warned of the unstable mental socio-meantal archatypes, of people who partake in any social manner,or are invovled within the said or realized concept of fratrecide for self measure.

I would suggest that these two said memeber do attend a fully vested psycheatric clinnic, based within their area and gain both treatment as well as insight, into why their behaviours are invested as such?

In lue of contacting any said authorities, for my own privacy self assurity, I do NOT WISH , to hear from either of these self insecure board memebers outside of this posting board, say on the phone, as my intrest are now placed elsewhere.

Note Freud had stipulaited, that insecure social agencies, that have not made friends with their own self social realizations, so then attempting to recrute memebers into their leauge for an assured self destruction, are refered to as being a (SICK),...not menatally well, group of memeber of any one particular social set.

Are these they stile and charicter of on-line realtionships, which manifest themselves into this posting board?

Respectfully, pe-legal attest. Creedo 299
RE: To MOP, nutral leave post:

No need for a psychiatrist Creedo. CAT and I have a strong friendship that cannot be befriended that easily. We are reasonable and compassionate enough to talk our problems out, then to resort to losing what’s most important to us; Friendship

RE: To MOP, nutral leave post:

TTA, Spoken like a true champ!

Daniel, Once again who do you think that your fooling? This Cat has been through the trenches of hell! I know exactly how this inurendi of thought transfer works, and the power of said demons! Oh yes they have destroyed my life once before through a man! Do you not think I can smell spiritual warfare from afar? Hee Hee

TTA I take back everything that I have said negative tords you for it was not of your doing nor mine but from a very defensive being that claims ownership over Daniel! She is so jelous and defensive over her PROPERTY that she has tried to wage war against us because we are attempting to reach out for Daniel.

And now I would please like to speak to Semjase? Nice try Bitch! But like I said I fully anticipated this! You have no reign or control over me or my loved ones. Be gone!!!

And I have set a very special prayer in motion and sealed it with reigning love!

RE: Oh\' I didn\'t know that CAT or TTA?

I had said in post number 74, that these two people....hmmmm

Well there could have been Pamela More and Gary Voss aleias Time 02112, as the said or projected culprits.

Then another words by your alliance union, your saying it is not them that have infracted in the past, however it is you two????

To CAT, you refer to Semjase as being the culprit who is A-morally valued, within the pst Angelic heiarchy discussions.

By biblic and Thorraic values, Mary Magdeline, was also of questionable virture, however mothers still name their daughter Mary and sometimes Magdeline, don't they????

Just because someone has a certain name, which might have been created in the past, does not mean that those past values might hold for being the same in today's realm, does it, hmmmm?

If you will recall my conversations with Clara, we had orrigionally discussed Betty Andreason Luca, who with Raymond Fowler, wrote a series of books, on out of frequency beings.

From what I understand, the Pleiadean Cosmonaut, is not an out of time etherial figure, however a real person.

This was my comment in reference to the Angelics by Luca's, saying, did infact contract out for services that they could not possably cover.

My origional comments had nothing what-so-ever to do with cosmonaut Semjase, nor her it seems by your defintion, panned ill name?

I did know that you thought it was you CAT and TTA, who were these culprits?

Is this a persicution complex that you two have ontop of your sick sadistic relationship?

Hmm, you might want to tell your analyist, this at the psycheatric clinnic too?!

Thanks for clearing that up you two,misery, does indeed love company, or with you two, or so it does seem to be the case?
My' my my my!!??

Take your medecines honnies!!!
RE: Oh\' I didn\'t know that CAT or TTA?

So is this the spell that has been casted?

Poor Semjase is on the borderline of loosing Daniel! She feels terminally threatend by me!

Yes I do have this knowledge from the sacred transcripts that Semjase is hiding! And OH MY if Daniel catches wind of this, he will surly be a excelent off world Ambassador and rank over me and I will loose all control!

Yes, and as I have said before Daniel, everything is in a name! resort back to my posting on ONG and its numerical equivalent!
And not only is this numerical equivalent in the name but also its very structure of DNA, which is inherent in the blood.

It is said in the books of old that G-D himself used his name (YVH, the holly tetragramton)in creating the world.

Y Fire
H Water
V Air
H Earth

RE: Oh\' TAT\' I didnt know about that underwire!

Does it figure that the Pleiadeans being as rich as they are, that they could have also name one of their kind dirty whore and the name would have been passed down and somehow lost its meaning?

In bliblical tellings, there is a telling that the Hebrews had been taken across the great desret, in special ships and given manna from above.

They don't think it was Angels, but another subcontractor.

Did they get the liscence plate of that UFO?

They could have named Semjase Dirty Fornicator, and it might mean less or more to me.

I might not even be attached to her, as you say?

Why the insistance that I join your camp, become Hasidic, attened fervent head bobbing readings of the Torrah and commence myserlf as Super Jew, if events in the Andreasson Luca book show an error within the fabric of how things should have been done?

This does not expline you fear of Semjase, or why Shit-head for a cat's name, does not necessarily mean its evil.

Do you really think that she is that evil and if this is the case, then you should be compelled to produce more substancial data.

Try www.silverlightretreat.com or look this web site up on the web.

I'm figuring that Semjase was just given the name and is a dumb bunny about the names leanings.

If you've gone this far peeking in the FIGU web site, why not go to Yahoo and look up both Penny Harper and the Harper abduction, as well as the Silver Light Retreat?

What is evil, consigning thousands of people to buy stock in a hydroengineering project and then diverting this money to the IADI, to produce the Lavi; or supposed non-certan aliens, with some said certan intentions, or lack of the meaning of their own names?

I really would like to know since you seem to be this well versed on the subject?
RE: Darby only:


Actually I met you on the P2P TT thread "The Morality of Time Travel" (or something very similar to that). In that you have been very consistent. You find it to be full of possibilities for misuse by the evil intended and unintended (but equally devistating) bad results by persons with good intentions.

What's puzzled me all along is that you lump me in with the Titor believers for some reason. I took a very different tact in my approach to him in so far as attempting to prove that his story was nonsense. I didn't perceive him to be a threat because I didn't believe him. I took a softer approach with him because he was easier to manipulate with that tactic. (Though he did finally catch on and called me on setting logic traps...after he fell for a dozen or so.

He was an intellectual challenge - and I find intellectual challenges to be stimilating and fun. And I do unerstand that, based on your deep feelings on the issue, that you find it unacceptable that I only I view the TT discussion as an online game designed for entertainment. Academic discussion, research and criticism is my recreation. (My wife finds it unbelievable that I would read a calculus or physics texts for recreation.
)The online discussion takes me away from the world that I exist in, professionally, where problems are real - problems that can adversely effect the lives of many, many people.

I'm a life long Dodger's fan and baseball has been a big part of my youth and adult life (I played through college and coached at the college level for about 20 years...while maintaining a seperate profession). You're from Dodger Country and may remember the Dodger's center fielder from the 1960's-1970's, Willie Davis. A long time ago Vin Sculy was interviewing him and asked him about his feelings about the importance of baseball in his life. He said, "It's fun but it ain't my wife and it ain't my life." That philosophy sums up my feelings about how important John Titor et al is to me.

As to his abuse of a friendship: I wasn't aware at the time that he was involved with such a scheme. And the person so abused wasn't at all close to me in the sense of a friendship. We didn't pass any private emails or other forms of communication until well after he'd left the scene. I simply wasn't aware of any behind the scenes friendship because I didn't enjoy that level of confidence.
RE: For Creedo...

Daniel, you are good at this, and a very strange character indeed!

As far as hydroengenerring goes it is most likely altering our echo system and agricultural food supply and its connection to the Arab world, I guess it falls under the same jurisdiction as the oil situation! They really have there greedy hands into everything and as it recently shows on the stock market.

Well I hope they really give Bush the Colonoscopy for this one!!!!

Once again I'm not into Celtic, Wicca or Indian sort of spirituality and I hope your not making a grimoires of me!
Basically it all stems from the one true religion but each one is distorted and tells a different story through the centuries. Tradition is carried on with a sense of loss and ignorance of the true blanket behind the Quilt. And because of this much is lost and fabrically distorted allowing false superstitions to manifest itself into new false religions.

What is this mountain message that you are sending? That web site didn't work. But I sense its the teachings of Mu and Meru ahhhh yes the great Lemuria!
and something about a solar disc being the cosmic consciousness that oversees planetary shifts. The Solar Disc is charged to activate shifts within the earth’s crystalline structure. It realigns grids and leylines of consciousness within the earth. It was used at the time of the downfall of Atlantis to protect certain areas and the souls residing in those areas. After that time it was dematerialized and removed and placed into lake Titicaca where it supposedly remains until it is necessary to be made manifest into the physical again. Something from a very dark age! And so you think that this disc could have some sort of relationship to my thoughts and to the holly transcripts that your dearest Semjase guards. Nope, not even close!

I don't think I need to elaborate any more on Semjase! She is as demonistic as they come. You have basically sealed your fate with her in every posting of yours on this site! Answer me this question? In what way does she help you without having to reciprocate back? And that should basically answer your question...