"The future ain't what it used to be."

Finchducksoup is a fake!

RE: For CAT, I\'m sorry for last comment, info you had wanted.

I did not mean to snap at you, you had asked a question and here is youy info.

This is a gene type of affair which piggybacks to my past realtionship with Semjase.

I knew and felt this ability long before Semjase came here, however this process was only more accentuaited, when she came here in 1975.

On oil and Bush; I am in agreement with Randolph Winter's printing, in the book The Pleiadean Mission, that exaustion of the Earth's oil stores, does in a way, reduce the dampening effect, that oil has on the rotational stability of the Earth, plus geological substratta stability, which prevents and lessens eartquake impacts.

I feel that we should move to hydrogen fule, make oil recycleing, even for the government who the worst polutter, manditory and only reserve some oil useage, for small recreational vechiles, such as race cars, motor bike, skidoos and the like.

There have been studies produced, which do show that the mass ways of oil pumping from the ground that we now do, is geologicaly unstable to upper stratta plate joining areas.

These vast undergound oil stores, act as seismic movment shock absorbers.

I'm not an oil person, but am for very wise use of this now very precious resource.

Note that Gary Voss was adimatly in favour of hydrogen fules, for his Tap Ten group and I feel by coincidence the same.

On witches and Wiccans as you say, it was through Voss, that I had obtained more detail about my witche's standing.

Gary had the ability to reach an other frequency council, known as the Zoa Astrians.

Apparetnly I am held high within this council, which I had some suspission of, however not to the extent that Gary had said.

Wiccans are an organized movment and I'm not part of them, however in some ways retain my witche's status, which came back after the 1982 change.

This is a gift not to be bantered around as if it were a toy.

Look at the remaining Witches Of Essexs On Avon, at the change of the 1800s, to the 1900s in England, by the Village of Eastwick.

This info was published in a 1960's book, entitled Phenominon and had showed Old George, who was one of the male witches.

This was durring the industrial erra, of which the now generation of the 60s and 70s after seeing the aftermath ruin, of overindustiralization had said,"Oh why is thew world so dirty with polution and too much indistry"?

George did not like the new farm machinery, which was steam powered them and could simply glance at it, and stop it dead within its tracks.

There were a small grouping of people who were witches in this area, and were now coming out of the closet, due to the silver bromide emulsions makeing photography a popular venue.

This sort of over-rode the Anti Witchcraft act of 1775, so makeing the use of any sort of supposed withcraft, illegal within the eyes of the state.

The wimen who were senior, had the ability to stop horses-carts within their strides, so obtaining a ride home with their bundeled faggots, of wods and supplies for home.(faggots, bundels of sticks ment for fireplace burning as well as utility)

George was said to have somehow harvested a very large field, without the use of additional manpower, by himself, which was litterly impossable for a human to do.

He was seen at the end of this task, sitting against a tree, relaxed, with a peice of straw between his teeth.

Witches, real ones, are not uasually that bad, till you start stepping on them.

I'm not strange, in other areas, witches are quite common and do serve villages outside of availability to both doctrs and pharmological license, for the well being of that particular village.

Other odd flickers I want to mention.

Why did the Libians build a advance fule efficent automobile?
This car was on the web, did you see it?

I have to ask this, since the U.S. attack on Libia, as a terrorist condoning' state and the loss of Omar Kadaffies son.

//At one time, I felt that a tripartitie governemnt, would have been best for the united States, with three of more main represenatives, for each major eithnic set, for the masses.

Ezample, four to five leaders, for each ethnic sect, who would understand and be able to catier to that particular ethnenticity of people.Hispanic Jewish, somewhat caucasian, afro and so-on.

Note due to the new sexual revolution, which is vast loads of naked people now engauged in sexual expression on the web, this new event has somehow change the former view of ethnic divisions.
RE: For CAT, I\'m sorry for last comment, info you had wanted.


Now who is trying to convert who with all this alien mumbo jumbo? You are helplessly lost within their hierarchy! But see I know exactly what these aliens are and the nature of their origins.

Let me start out with the Sirians which were very power hungry and selfish they are of the Lyran group. You can associate them with the Essene group and there civilization of Atlantis, Mu, Lemuria The lyrans were a result of genetic manipulation (giants) (very authoritative and dogmatic.) One subgroup of the Lyrans is the PLEIADIANS they are dimensional travelers and function as a form of guardian of these dimensional doorways whenever you leave or enter another dimensional plane. Another aliens race that came from the Lyrans are those from the Orion belt which influenced the construction of the pyramids at Giza. They claim to have come here to to facilitate our evolution.

The origin of these aliens comes from the Pleiades which is located in the Taurus (bull) constellation and is also referred to as the Seven Sisters. We can see this cluster of stars in the evening sky in the northern hemisphere from Mid October to March. They are 400 light years away.

My conclusion of all this mayhem! Its all a bunch of bureaucratic crap and my patience has worn thin with it already! I think these Time Traveling interdimentional aliens that have abominably manifested themselves into human form are all a bunch of world dominating spineless @ssholes from the get go! They can take their high flatulent technology and shove it right back up there pias stringent arses!

But rest assure when I talk about these aliens that you have mentioned and say they are demonic in nature I have strong basis to determine this. The Bible is strong in its viewpoint regarding these being as being spiritual and demonic in nature! It goes on to explain that it referrers to these beings THAT WERE NOT OF THE ORIGINAL MAKINGS OF EARTH but rather based in a segment of the heavens and abode with G-D and the fall of Lucifer and his remaining angelic followers. They were cast out into another realm that was referred to as the pit of hell (the abyss) Hence forth these individuals as the bible states your beloved Semjase who emancipated to genetically facilitate splitting of her DNA and incarnating herself with humans thus resulting in the giants! And which you have openly admitted that you have a spiritual DNA lineage to as your twin sister.

But one thing is for sure that I can resort to that has numerous facts and answers that hold true to this day and that is the Bible! Moreso the old testament as it is written in Hebrew. And the Hebrew language is more than just a language! Its the actual blueprint that G-d himself used in creating the world! the letters hold all the genetic material.

The oldest form of language that we have here on earth is known as Sanskrit which was originally handed down from Adam and Eve. Sanskrit was later written PROPERLY with the hand of G-D onto the stone tablet commandments at mount Sinai. Very few people study and can understand this so I don't expect you to understand what I'm talking about. But its worth a try anyways...

I highly agree about the oil depredation and the earths plates! And once again it all revolves around money money money for those arrogant individuals (global elite) they will never fully allow hydrogen fuels to dominate along with anything that is electric either until they get their hoofs in the slew and see profit in it for themselves. And as for the Arab nation goes this is why our country will not just go in there and nuke emmm!!! because to much of our elites money is tied up there with natural resources. So therefore it turns out to be a ground and air infiltration war. Another words just a slap on the hand, go to your room and hours later all is forgiven.

Global Elite/Pleidians and anything that manifests themselves from there-of are all from the same rotten Jell-O mold! One pile of hunk and junk!

RE: For CAT, I\'m sorry for last comment, info you had wanted.

Hi Creedo,

I completely missed your posting above saying,

<<I think your crazy as a bed bug.>>

You really think so hu? well I think you should stop eating those oreo cookies in bed and ease off on those late night novels of the Itch-Hikers guide to the galaxy by a hop-timist named Stephen Speilbug?

By By, I love ya aw-flea!!!

RE: For CAT, or to whoever cares.

The Pleiadeans from the Swiss landings say they were former Lyrians, and were decendant from the origional Atlantians, till its sinking.

The issue raise by spirit web, that the origional Atlantians were fourth dimensional, has not been even delved into, by anyone other than myself on this board.

You say there is not supposed to be a twin's link between me and my twin sister, in the spiritual frateral range, Sem-ya-zee?

With twins, what other link would there be?

I agree, they could have just named her whore-slut and be done with the name.What's in a name, if the whole game is flawed.

To other Jews, as you say you are a Jew.

Are you aware of the appearance of extraterrestials who had appeared in Isreal and terrorized a farm and both killed sheep and a dog, so rummageing through these Iseralite's house?
*See FATE Magazine, older archival material.

If you are a jew, then do you now justify your actions, by refering to the entire Pleiadean cosortium, which is many cultirial sected, as trash?

The Pleiadeans reach far and wide and are very influential off world, I hope that you know that?

So in other words' your saying that all Pleiadeans are trash, my twin sisters is a slutt and slept with Dr. Fred Bell, as she just wanted fucked and she's not only a slut, but demonic as well?

You also saying that the Pleiadeans have me brainwashed and I don't know what I'm doing in reference to any extraterrestial, as I'm dumb and being sucked in by the Pleiadeans, even though I don't trust the calls and judgements of the Billy Meier web site as well as the father of Semjase, whos name is Ptaah?

Furthermore, your saying that the link to other extraterrestials that were in the past, expressly the aliens who gave the Hebrews a lift in their space ships over the desert, are now to be considered no good, as they know the Pleiadeans?

And your also telling me, the nutral, "nutral mind you", ambassador, that he can shove a cucumber up his ass and jump off any bridge which is local to his area and end it all, as I'm a misguided fucker?

Well let it be know to historie's eyes, that this CAT person has an i.p. address and this is so easliy hacked in by extraterrestials with their very advanced technoilogy, so easily, that it's not funny?!

I'm mean according to Steven's work, they easily got into a NATO secure room phone line in Europe. What's to prevent any advanced E.T. from hacking who you are here?

Tell you what to do CAT, pick up a 44 Mag and offer the cocksuckers on, meet them in a secluded place and have it out!?

You with your 44 Mag and them with their rifle ray-guns and or beamships, which have a quanity of at least ten to fifteen pounds of gold per ship.

If this is what you want, I think this is pretty fair?

I've already said that I don't tote their party line, what more do you want of me?

There are even interviews with Pleiadean wimen, who say that in the future, due to karmic repay, that their sluts of the block, doesn't that satisfy you?

P.s. I'm nice to sluts and whores and sometimes help them out. By either giving rides, or careing for them in some way, without takeing advantage of them and no I'm not a pimp!

I think the name is called Of Human Bondage, which was later a movie, which had stared Kim Novack?

Anybody who is a Jew or Hebrew does not sleep around and is perfect, right?Got-cha!
RE: For CAT, or to whoever cares.

So much personal hostility Daniel. Count to 10 and breathe
. You don’t need to use every bad word in the book, to get your point across. I’m sure it’s obvious to Cat by now that you don’t like her, and that you don’t see eye-to-eye on your twin sister Semjase.

But what’s really bothering you? I know this is a sensitive subject for you, and your feeling pretty defensive towards any inquiries made on her behalf.

What’s so hard to see and accept here though?

Is Semjase truly demonic and a slut as Cat has proved she is or isn’t she?

<<I'm nice to sluts and whores and sometimes help them out.>>

You like sluts huh? So why are you so upset about you’re favorite dog-star actor, the bush twins and Wynonna doing all sorts of unethical things, when you your self are aiding those who do?

Sluts if not all of the above suffer more from lack of morality; and some how they don’t seem to piss you off
? How come?

I guess what my point I’m trying to get at, is if you know that something is wrong, why defend it? Semjase may possibly be demonic, and you are allowing her to remain within you, thus you condone her actions.

So it doesn’t make much sense when you can get so upset about some people being immoral, but be a hypocrite and let your “twin sister” walk scot-free from her malevolent actions and intentions?

Care to explain to the TTA how all this figures in that fuzzy logical mind of yours

RE: For CAT, or to whoever cares.


TTA is right! I feel the bantering of religion has reached its peek within your sensitive nature.

Misguided F@cker, well, you said it NOT ME! I still have hopes for you...

And anyways what proof or documentation do you have that suggests that the Pleideans are linked to Jews besides the fallen angels genetic inbreeding manipulation and cross breeding of off world entities? the Ananukee are interesting and even the fact that George Bush is of reptilian nature and all the rest of the 42 presidents whos ancestors link back to France, England and Germany. They try and keep the illuminati bloodline going!

Are you implying that the Hebrew Bible and belief system is an off shoot relgious link from the Pleideans spiritual civilation?

RE: For CAT, or.

Will make a post in Time travel, by guest K.

Go there, please?