Temporal Novice
have started thinking that ghosts may not be ghosts, like spirits of the deceased but maybe people trying to get across to our side from their world, it all goes back to time travel, astral projection and plane-shifting, what i think of a ghost is this and please dont take me too seriously because this is just my thoughts.

I think a time traveler is trying to get into our plane and he then decides to astrally project himself in his sleep over to our side, now this person maybe from earth 2 or something or he might actually be just someone else from a different side of the earth thats transferring his visual to us, now obviously people are not capable of fully delivering his image over to us otherwise his image wont be an image, it would be solid and living person, so i was thinking maybe thats why ghosts have this sort of hazy, blurry visual, because the human isn't able to transfer enough energy in his/her sleep to physically move from his sleeping position into the plane he is thinking of.

It kind of all ties in together now as i said earlier that it all goes back to time travel, astral projection and plane-shifting. What do you guys think whats your input?