"The future ain't what it used to be."

Is Morey Haber really John Titor?

This is outstanding. I need to read through it a few more times when it's not so late, but this is great information. If you don't mind, may I dissect some of it out into the main TItor article? I think there's a lot here for people who land on that main page.
Brother Cosmo, this is your site. You have my OK to do what you need to do with the above posts. (y)

Just an FYI: When I had the conversation with Raul about Titor accidentally unmasking his real IP he said his source was in the admin logs. That was when he kidded me and said that for a mere $25,000 I could buy the site and have the information for myself.

Now imagine me attempting to explain to my wife how it came to pass that I bought a website for $25k and then trying to explain the "why" based on the story that I was trying to identify a...time traveler. Oh, that would have gone quite well. So well, in fact, that in a very short time I would have become a different sort of traveler.

On that vein, TTO first posted on Post-2-Post. As John Titor he first posted here. Raul, as owner of this site, forcefully asserted his copyright over the name John Titor and the posts here (I know I have the test somewhere in the Titor archive). Raul was not kidding around when he made that post. He also knew Larry Haber. This means that Haber must have contacted Raul in his capacity as the Attorney for, a Member of and Manager of The John Titor Foundation, LLC (Florida). Raul and Haber must have negotiated a deal whereby Raul relinquished his ownership of the name John Titor because The John Titor Foundation currently claims copyright of the name. The Book is entirely based on the posts.

I'll continue to look through the material I have to see if there is anything interesting that isn't already here.

Oh, yeah. Time Travel Activist aka TTA, Javier Cortez. No, he was most definitely not part of our research team. He was a Troll First Class that I had to suspend three times on Anomalies before I finally banned him. He had no sense of humor and looked upon the Titor Saga as if it was both real and a clear and present danger to the entire universe. He was so far off the rails that he could no longer even see the rails.