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I ran across this profile of "001", Joe McMoneagle, of Project GRILLFRAME/STARGATE fame...

It gives one a whole new perspective on him.... :)

Any profile can be misleading (and the following should be disregarded as hearsay), this just a few perspectives based on the information presented by the webpage author:

We have come to the following analysis based on this information:

o Worked for multiple Army Intelligence Units/Groups/Agencies
- Defense Intelligence Agency
- Army Intelligence
- ASA - Army Security Agency
- AIS - Army Intelligence and Security
As well as...

The ARMY UNITS may be co-op or special units of the NSA - National Security Agency

- NSA - National Security Agency
- CIA - Central Intelligence Agency

o Maybe not be a "psychic" AT ALL
- Believes real "power" to be ASTRAL PROJECTION
- Can do it at will
- AnyTIME - Can travel through time and space anywhere and anytime (Serious Threat)
- Anywhere

o Maybe involved in CORPORATE QASI GOVERNMENT Espionage
- Claims to be "remote viewing of future technologies"...
- We suspect him to be "spying on inventors/geniuses/smart people/scientists" by ASTRAL PROJECTION
- ASTRAL PROJECTION allows him to look over people's shoulder's and spy on documents, activities... Etc...
- Works(ed) at University of Nevada Las Vegas (Maybe be front/co-op research with AREA 51)
- AREA 51/ UNLV maybe buidling SPY DEVICE based on 360 Degree Vision by Satellite Tracking - UPDATED - Like Denzel Washington Time Travel Movie
- Work(s)(ed) at SRI
- Work(s)(ed) at SAIC - Premier Government Contractor/Developer of Top Secret Projects
- We believe they also do CORPORATE CONSULTING for High Tech Firms
- Selling private reseach and intellectual property STOLEN BY ASTRAL PROJECTION by MCMONEAGLE and HIS MINIONS
- Work(s)(ed) at Cognitive Science Laboratory - Latest Possible Cover Operation

o The CIA is probably not his "biggest fan"
- Went public about program to "make money" or "be famous" 2 years before program "declassified"

- Some "special people of interest" have reported AIR taken out of lungs
- Some "special people of interest" have racing heartbeats on the verge of heart exploding

- Problems with SRI hire date and "psychic" interest background
- Conflicting stories about "SRI Neighbor" giving him book on ASTRAL PROJECTION
- Maybe be a "patsy" of sorts - The "ASTRAL PROJECTION" Lee Harvey Oswald

o Received LEGION OF MERIT award
- ? As a "civlian" working for SRI and SAIC?

o ASTRAL PROJECTION POWER OF MCMONEAGLE - Supported by Remote Viewing Folklore
- Supposed "viewing" by moving astrally through space/time to Lockerbee Airline Explosion
- "Viewers" saw "explosion" happen - Saw "victims" as "ghosts" - Spoke to "ghosts"
- "Time Travel" stories at of "Titor" and "Others" who can ASTRALLY TRAVEL THROUGH TIME... MAY EXPLAIN ALOT.
- Colonel Rescue Operation example of McMoneagle's power.

- May prove hard link to Army Remote Viewing (Astral Projection) Unit

- Maybe the following individuals:
- Joe McMoneagle
- Lyn Buchanan
- Ed Dames
- Courtney Brown
- Etc... Etc...
- Unit Members of Army Intelligence Units that employ "RV" or "ASTRAL PROJECTION"

o HAS STRANGE LINKS To Subject "McMonagle"
- His termination dates of unit / group association has close links to "McMonagle" life milestones
- Switching of units/groups as thinly disguised "cover op" for McMoneagle
- Is involved in groups now called "Special Projects"
- "McMonagle" is person dedicated to developing technologies under the label "Special Projects" Manager/Consultant/Developer/Designer/Artist
- "McMonagle" childhood friend/romantic link/old flame works in McMoneagle's region
- "Old Flame" link to major stock exchange, liason to Fortune 500 Companies CEOs and Executives, Major Conspiracy Player?
- Maybe employing "alternative lifestyle" to gain "allies" - "NJ based life" mostly likely cover for "Super Rich" unknown false identity. (Along with other members of family)
- Suspect "Joe McMoneagle" of spying, harassing, stealing and using former associates of subject "McMonagle" against him. Possibly for sick twisted sex, power or money reasons.
- We deem "Joe McMoneagle" and his "New Jersey/New York" based associates as a direct threat against "McMonagle" and the United States of America. - National Security :)
- As well as "Joe McMoneagle's" "California/Boston/Washington/Texas/Florida/Other Location" based associates as well as a direct threat against "McMonagle" and the United States of America. - National Security :)

- Not 'psychic' power but ASTRALLY TRAVELLING TO FUTURE - The "BIFF" of 20th/21th Back To The Future analogy
- For profit, power, sex and the destruction of subject "McMonagle" :(
- Including destroying all female romantic entanglements - Very Sick Stuff by McMoneagle :(

- Stanford University
- U.S. Army
- NSA?
- CIA? - Updated
- iRobot Corporation (MIT University)
- Various Silicion Valley (California Tech) Companies
- Various Silicion Alley (Boston Tech) Companies
- Various Media Companies (Disney, ABC, Fox, MSNBC, Etc...)
- Various Banking Interests (5 Banks McMoneagle speaks of in his books - JPMorgan Chase, Etc...)
- Various Illumanti/British Unversities (Columbia, Yale, Etc...)
- Other too various too mention
- Mitre - Think Tank - Updated.

Military remote viewer with the INSCOM/DIA program at Fort Meade from 1978-84.

"Joseph W. McMoneagle was born January 10, 1946, in Miami, Florida. He voluntarily joined the U.S. Army and was recruited by the Army Security Agency for classified assignments."

In 1978 "he was assigned to the Headquarters of U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) in Arlington, Virginia, where he culminated his career acting as a Special Projects Intelligence Officer with the 902nd Military Intelligence Group for the remainder of his service."

He retired in 1984. "Many unusual experiences have formed the foundation of his present company, Intuitive Intelligence Applications. A near-death experience (NDE), a UFO sighting, and numerous spontaneous out-of-body (OBE) episodes have caused him to spend the larger portion of his life seeking more effective answers to questions concerning reality. He became interested in remote viewing after participating in experiments at SRI International in California."

"Joe is currently working on his next project, 'Expectations From the Year 3000'"
("Who is Joseph McMoneagle?", from the Controlled Remote Viewing Home Page)

"I, Joseph W. McMoneagle, hold the distinction of being the only Remote Viewer associated with the 'Project' from its formalization under INSCOM as GRILLFLAME (mid-1978) throughout and until its termination as Project STARGATE (in 1995)"
Viewer number #001/372.

McMoneagle refutes many of claims made by Ed Dames, concerning his position and length of service in the remote-viewing program.

(McMoneagle, Joe, A Response to Ed Dame's Statement on CRV")

"I employed Joe in a number of operations, ca. 1980-82, while serving as an intelligence targeting officer at levels of DoD much higher than McMoneagle (or Buchanan) ever dreamed of having access to. However, since he is not trained, Joe has difficulty in recognizing when imagination begins to start slipping into his perceptions."

(Dames, Ed, "Will the Real Lyn Buchanan Please Sit Down")

Currently a research associate at Cognitive Sciences Laboratory.

McMoneagle worked as a consultant to SRI and SAIC. In 1984, he received the Legion of Merit award for excellence in intelligence service. According to his citation, quoted by Ed May, "He served most recently as a Special Project Intelligence Officer for SSPD, SSD, and 902d MI group ... While with SSPD, he used his talents and expertise in the execution of more than 200 missions, addressing over 150 essential elements of information."
(May, Edwin, "The American Institutes of Research Review of the Department of Defense's Star Gate Program: A Commentary", Journal of Parapsychology, Vol 60, Mar/96)

"I can tell you that I participated in over 350 separate cases like the [Iran] hostage situation and was accurate at least 86 percent of the time."

Question: "Joe, are you still doing any work involving remote viewing of future technologies... and can you share any of that with us?"
Joe McMoneagle: "Yes, I'm still working with the lab at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas... All I can say is that we are still building the machine, but don't quite know what it will do yet." He is working at this project with Dean Radin.
(Compuserve On Line Conversation w/ Joe McMoneagle, 1/4/96)

In McMoneagle's book, Mind Trek (Hampton Roads, 1993), he offers one of the better descriptions of how remote viewing is supposed to work. The historical details are a bit trickier, as it was published two years before the CIA admitted to having supported the program.

In July, 1970, McMoneagle had a near death experience while stationed in Germany. Afraid of ridicule, he did not mention the experience for several years.

SIGHTINGS ON THE RADIO Talks about remote viewing, near-death experiences, the future, and about his book MIND TREK: Exploring Consciousness, Time and Space Through REMOTE VIEWING

There are several problems trying to form a timeline for the period when McMoneagle joined the remote viewing program. According to his book, this chain of events started in 1979 when he read Robert Monroe's book Journeys Out of the Body (pg 40). When a neighbor saw him reading the book, he offered him a copy of one of Puthoff's papers on remote viewing.

"My job in Washington, D.C., had much to do with sub-contract management for major ongoing projects in military research and development." (pg 41) As a part of his duties, he often travelled to the West Coast, and in October, 1978 (pg 43), he took a leave of absence to spend in Menlo Park. During this time, he met Dr. Hal Puthoff and his colleagues at SRI in July, 1979 (pg 26), and became involved with their experiments in remote viewing, the first of which is dated June 4th, 1978 (pg 46).

I don't know what to make of these glaring inconsistencies in the timeline. It is probably a combination of poor editing by the publisher and a difficulty in keeping his cover story straight. As McMoneagle was assigned with INSCOM in 1978, the same year INSCOM began its operational remote viewing unit codenamed GRILL FLAME, I have difficulty accepting that McMoneagle heard of the SRI experiments from a neighbor, and started his work with SRI on his own initiative and in an unoffical capacity. I don't know if and how he has revised his story as to how he became involved in the program, other than to say that he was involved in the official program.

Elsewhere, in a frequently asked questions section of his book, McMoneagle openly denies that the Army was involved in remote viewing. "I spent my entire career, twenty years, in Army Intelligence and Security. Most of my assignments were overseas and most of the jobs were classified. My interest in remote viewing was something that I had to pursue on my own and my early retirement from the service was a direct result of that interest."

He elaborates in a follow-up question: "You mean you didn't do remote viewing in the Army?"
"That would imply the United States Army has an open attitude regarding psychic functioning, which it doesn't. There is very little in the Army which is conducive to remote viewing or its function." (pg 221)

While he doesn't exactly say "no" in his answer, I consider it misleading enough to be a denial. Also, his denial is given voluntarily, and was not coerced in the context of something like an interview. While it would have been illegal for him to reveal classified information, I think it would have been just as easy for him to have ommitted the topic rather than providing disinformation.

In October, 1965, McMoneagle witnessed a UFO while stationed in the Bahamas (pg 219). Later, in the 1980s, he remote viewed the face on Mars, and claims to have contacted Martians who were trying to survive an environmental cataclysm of their planet. His claims mirror those of Ed Dames and Courtney Brown. (Chapter 16)

McMoneagle has done experiments in remote viewing and out of body experiences with Robert Monroe at the Monroe Institute.

In an interview with Magical Blend, McMoneagle repeats the story about going to SRI under his own initiative, and again gives a misleading answer regarding the military's involvement:
"[Question:] You were with Military Intelligence in the Army. Did you ever use your psychic abilities in your military career?

Joseph McMoneagle: I think that I've used these abilities all my life, but in such a natural way that it would be very difficult to specify when and where."

(Remote Viewing: Joseph McMoneagle interviewed by Jerry Snider, Magical Blend, Issue #52)
Joe McMoneagle on the Tom Snyder Show
Interview on the Art Bell show 03-25-97
SIGHTINGS ON THE RADIO Interview with Joe McMoneagle and Ed May 03-02-97
After retiring from the Army in September, 1984, McMoneagle worked as a consultant for SRI and the Monroe Institute.


Serious Work Needs To Be Done. By some very serious people.

Joe McMoneagle or Biff Tannen (Thomas F. Wilson :)

In our analysis of alleged corporate/government espionage super criminal Joe McMoneagle, we noticed he looks almost exactly like Biff Tannen from the movie Back To The Future! :)

It's uncanny!!! :)

Take a look for yourself:



Can you tell them apart? This "God Channeling" Movie Analysis stuff is really WILD! :)