The Pet Thread


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I thought it'd be interesting to share photos and stories of our pets and hear about any animals you might have. Now that we've settled into our homestead, we're planning on adding chickens and goats soon. But for now, here are our current furry family members:


Astro is our vibrant, nearly five-year-old short-haired Border Collie. We've had him since relocating from NC to WA in early 2017. Always animated, Astro has a knack for photobombing my video recordings and enjoys keeping our cats in check. He's incredibly affectionate and has this comical habit of trying to anticipate commands even before they're fully said. And, if you make a "psssss" sound, he nudges the cats off the cat tree with his nose.

Mo is the epitome of relaxation. Adopted in 2019, his favorite pastimes include sleeping, eating, and occasionally gracing our fireplace hearth with his 'gifts'. He's quite the gentle giant, always patient, even with overenthusiastic kids around. A few months back, a health scare had us worried, but he's since recovered and resumed his role as the household's 'creeper', often found peeking under the master bedroom door or lounging next to the air registers.


Our latest family member, Robert, literally walked into our lives during my four-year-old's first week of school. As we strolled home from the bus stop, this tiny furball emerged from the forest, meowing as he trailed behind us. Unsure of his origins, he took shelter under our house for a couple of days before we officially adopted him. Playful and curious, he's constantly teasing Astro and quickly bonded with Mo—seems like he was longing for a sibling!

I hope you all enjoy the photos. We'd love to see some of your pets and hear their stories!