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Time Travel Experiments by Dr. Chernobrov

While I agree with the good Dr's opinion regarding the misplacement of one of the dimensions in the time as a Riemannian manifold, I find the assumption of time as a function of mass (or vice versa) to be WILDLY speculative.

The math may look good, but it's based on an assumption in the first place that is itself more conceptual than related to anything demonstrable.

Hawking and many others have all stated that any quantum or cosmological theory should be able to be expressed in terms that any layman could understand.

So far, I cannot see that in the Dr's papers. All I see is a lot of math based on highly asumptive principles in the first place.

Thanx for the post.
The website shared in the first post went offline in early 2000. Not much can be recovered from it now.


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