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Are cartoon's real?


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Are cartoon\'s real?

Now I know you may say no, but I have evidence! In the movie "Last Action Hero", which is meant to be a action movie (not a cartoon)... if you look closely at the bar in the movie, you see a cartoon cat sitting there. The kid quickly admire's him though, and the cop say's "Yeah! That's my partner" as if it's not even a cartoon! I swear! That cat was real!
Re: Are cartoon\'s real?

No, I did not ask that question yesterday considering this is the only post I've ever had on this part of the forum.

And no, I'm not real. None of you are. Your only in my imagination. I'm a SKITZO! WOO HOO!
Re: Are cartoon\'s real?

Nowthen Derek,

How did you come to this conclusion? I only expressed a friendly greeting to you herein. No personal opinion for or against was registered concering the realities of animated moving characters.


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If this is the best you have to offer, please be still.

This is meant to be a sober and serious discussion, not a mokery. It is absolutely short of amazing to me, that, no matter where I attempt to seriously glean information in the areas I am intensely interested in learning more, and perhaps assisting others in their personal research endeavors, there are always some who want to behave themselves as little children with foolish and off topic remarks and inuendos.

Please, if yo have nothing realted to add, then cease and desist.

Thank you very much.
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wow your a nutjob, even for this forum. Do you honestly think cartoons are real, just because you saw it in a movie? Pretty soon people will start saying superman is real too, and spider-man and those other things.
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about cartoons, I belive they are based on acient gods who came down to earth to provide a clam and civalized and uterly amusing distraction from daily life. And to you coolspot, the facts and theories behind Spiderman and Superman where plausible, now Hawkgirl was completly fake, I mean how could she fly with out ever flaping her wings? The Green Lantern, that could happen, if you found a stone or gem that amplified the human brain power, seeing as we only use under 10% of it, he might be able to create things focusing his mind through the ring. The atlanteans used crystals in everyday life, from their power sources to healing even to weaponry, so it could be forged out of an acient crystal.
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of course they are real.. they are drawn onto a piece of paper that is real.. the pecil used was real.. and the medicine yuo havent been taking lately is also real

so yes cartoons are real... but they aren't alive... rofl
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Keven, we use all of our brains...

Spiderman was completely fake, listen to the reasons behind his creation, a teenager with problems, that was it. The spider part was because there was a spider on the wall at the time and someone said "I wonder what it would be like to be a spider" ... the comic was origonally rejected.
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Dear derekpacisalive,

Well now, I believe cartoons are real in the imagination of those who create them.

Will that do? /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif

Besides, if you want to believe cartoons are real, my position is that that belief is safer and more benign then beliefs that are much more prevalent and dangerous in our society.

One question. Are you familiar with computer animation techniques? Personally, I am quite fond of the Disney animations and all of their advances in the medium.

I also like Underdog a whole bunch.
It is just in my nature.

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Re: Are cartoon\'s real?

Hello Keven,

I think Hawkgirl could fly because she could control the density of her matter that made up her body. Through great effort and intelligence and a good course in biofeedback, she figured out how to expand the space between her atoms, until she was light as a feather.

Teeheehee :oops:

The Appropriateness of Chance is Astounding

"There are great ideas undiscovered, breakthroughs available to those who can remove one of truth's protective layers" by Neil Armstrong
What do you mean by are cartoons "real"? Define real.

And to whoever said Spiderman came about because someone saw a spider on the wall and said: "I wonder what it would like to be a spider, obviously knows nothing about Spiderman and how he came to be.