"The future ain't what it used to be."



Hello my name is Colonel James Zansburg of the United States of America. You may of known me as John Titor a few years ago when I first came to your worldline. I have come from the year 2046 on another mission but this time to gain intelligence about your worldline. I am using a public computer right now and will be back later on today or tomorrow.
Well that person is a fraud. He says I died in 2038 but I am still alive. I must also tell you that I lied on some of the answers and predictions and I gave you. Most of what I said was real though. "Your" world is going to face its biggest challenge yet. In the year 2006 human cloning will be legalized for a few years then unlegalized in 2010. In those 4 years Microsoft, Phillips and a few other major companies will open up their cloning devisions and start researching human cloning. By 2007 they will be selling human clones to anyone with enough money. The bad part is that another company called celexam will also secretly be storing cells they collect from an unknown source. Celexam will be creating over 2 million clones and selling them to terrorist groups. Remember when I posted "I have no idea what happens to you in your future. There was a resistance on my worldline but their goal was to maintain power and control over other people. We killed most of them by 2020."? Well a terrorist group will buy over a million clones and ready them for war. The terrorists unleashed their armies on the US but we eventually won.

What I am here to warn you is that the terrorists have got ahold of a time machine and secretly went to this worldline to warn their selves about how the US will defeat their armies.

I know this sounds pretty farfetched but you either believe me or not. I am here to scout out a proper location for over 200 more US time travelers to make their way to this worldline and stop the terrorists from ever starting these armies. I know this sounds like something from out of a movie but just trust me for now.

I must leave now for a few days and find a proper location for the drop off of the rest of my men.
Yawn. Why choose an obscure (no offenec intended - I like it here) internet forum for your return? And how convenient that you "lied" about some of your predictions. I presume those are the ones that didn't come true.

Also, how was the nuclear winter?

All the best for your future delusions,

The Doctor
Soon available in any bookstore: John Titor, The real story. Only $ 49,99. Get it while it's hot!

I know this sounds pretty farfetched but you either believe me or not.

Whatever gave you that idea. We believe you. *cough, cough*

Why is it that TT hoaxers have lost their sense of innovation. Everyone seems to know or be John Titor. Why doesn't anyone come here claiming never to have heard of John Titor? It means the story can at least have some originality.

By the way, why are you telling us all this info? Is 200 TTs still not enough to stop this evil menace? And why do you care what happens to this worldline?

To the hoaxer formerly known as John Titor,

Go back to playing with your imaginary friends. If you really were a time traveller then you would know the consequences of interacting with the past. And no, you weren't destined to come here and be a significant part of the run-out of time.

Let's have some sensible contributions.

Yours angrily,

The Doctor
Ralph Nader says the machinery for microchip implacement is already inplace.

So if there are clones being made, then everyone will have to be implanted with microchips, so that government can tell who's who.

The more this John Titor speaks, it seems the more the complexity of what is to happen unfolds?

They don't need to have a transmitting microimplant in you for any reason.

Some close range way of scanning you maybe, however no transmitting microchips, what-so-ever.

Some peoples religions will prohibit them from having such devices placed within them.

So this is going to be a mess, due to both the complaints and after-law suits, for invasion of self, lodged against the government?
Special edit note,

The particulars of clones are already known, according to the book Extraterrestrials Among Us.

I this book is was said that there were already clone that were put into place, however there were slight irregularities within the clones, that showed what they were.

One of these irregularities were non-complete DNA telophase instructions, which either decreased their health statuses, or shortened lifespan.

In the more complex organs, there was incomplete copying of DNA instructions, which caused only a two years, in some cases life span.

There is also the problem in how people are born and created under the heading of soul placements by other realms.

A soul and spirit identiy is appointed to each person and is placed in, in such a way, that only that soul will work for that person.

The sharing of a soul, is a problem here for the said clones, as they can not posses that other person's soul, as only one is afforded.

In the series, by Quinn Martin, The Invaders, actress Suzanne Pleshette, stared opposite of actor Roy Thinness, as a cloned person, who was at an ill-at-ease relationship with her new identify.

She had develop bizarre personality, as well as psyche traits, as she could not deal with her anger and became violent, due to her not understanding what the difference between confusion and anger was.

In the real clones may have many, many, social problems as well, due to the fact that they are only copies of something and not the genuine being themselves.

If this is true, then this pretty much screws it for anyone who would do such an act, as only certain not same heiarchies, can appoint souls?
If you don't like what Creedo says, don't read it. You do have free will, don't you?? And what contribution are you making to this debate?

Grow up.

The Doctor
Oddly enough, if sticking to his true fashion of self, if JT (though I still assume he's a fictional char.) comes back, he wouldn't post around... He'd be quiet and maybe, maybe, talk to a few select people... then after a while would not go around saying 'hey I'm back' but slide into the forums a little more unnoticed before people figured out who he was.

But *cough* this assumes he's real of course...
Colonel J,
You have a completely different writing style to John, and poor grammar.
"You may of known me as John Titor..." ?
Why waste people's time?
I am sorry, but at this time this worldline is inbetween time travelers, and it is assumed, Sir, that we have no intelligence.
Otherwise, we all would know of what you speak, and still, time travelers have to come and tell us.
I really do not see how anyone can help you out. I don't think I am a clone yet, but I will have to inspect myself and see!