"The future ain't what it used to be."

Suggestions after seeing Dark?


Temporal Novice
A year ago, I finished watching DARK on Netflix (if you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend it). There are no time travel, multiverse, or deja vu films or television shows that I find entertaining after dark because it was such a masterpiece. Would you kindly recommend any television shows or films that have more complications than DARK? (I’ve seen PRIMER, Predestination, Interstellar, etc. already.)
It’s hard to find something that’s a worthy successor to DARK; that show was unique in and of itself. I have a few ideas and while they aren’t as deep or complex, they explore alternate realities and things in a way that I enjoyed:

  1. Counterpart (2017-2019): A sci-fi thriller series about a man who discovers that his workplace hides a portal to a parallel Earth. The show delves into themes of identity, secrets, and the consequences of the choices we make.
  2. Steins;Gate (2011): An anime series revolving around a group of friends who accidentally invent a time machine and must deal with the consequences of altering the past.
  3. 12 Monkeys (mentioned abobe) (2015-2018): Inspired by the 1995 film, tit follows a time traveler who must prevent a global pandemic that wipes out most of humanity and has a storyline that spans multiple time periods.
  4. Fringe (2008-2013): A science fiction series that explores various fringe science concepts, including alternate realities and time travel. The show’s intricate plot and well-developed characters make it an engaging watch for fans of complex storylines. This one is a bit “monster of the week” like X-Files, but still has great concepts.
  5. Devs (2020): A miniseries that explores the world of a secretive tech company working on a mysterious, reality-altering project. Quantum computing, determinism, and multiple realities in a suspenseful and thought-provoking story.
Again, none of these are quite what DARK is but they’re worth looking at if you haven’t already