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Note the poster punch in the excercize, The Transfer Was A Sucess, used silacious terms, within his post.

This is not proper and punches rights to post here, in my opinion should be revoked.

creedo 299

It may be a note of intrest as to why myself as a bid ambassador, for this Earth took such punishment within this forum, under time travel, from two who post here?

The reason is,that the changes as said happening to the personna of creedo 299, were infact real.

This was an expierment as to how people on Earth would adjust to real aliens, if they were socially acceptable and had come out in the open in order to make contact with Earth humans.

I find now at time level 7/27/2002, that a lot of Earthlings are indeed threatened socio-heiarchially, by the spectre of a real alien amongst them.

This threatens their belief systems, their social equanmanity status, also this threathens them heiarchially, which is apparently their direction base.

This way of acting is most apparent, as an aftermath of the September 11th terrorist tragedy, which had occured in New York City, the planes being crashed into the World Trade Centers.

I had wanted at this point, to bring for the equation of alien contact, within the socially acceptable range of contacts.

This is the range at which most Earthlings could do busniess, with Earthlings, rather than anything being a preditory affair.

The results were disasterous, with me being attacked have any relations to the Pleiadean consortium deomnized, as well as being told that I was socially unfit.

The real problem and "I will put this out carefully", is that the seeing of alien races,may in some certain aspects to this present day Earth civlization, in some respect due to this socieites social stance, may infact be disquieting.

This never the less was an attempt by mine, to at least try and breach this wall of obstiance, to sturbonrly hold onto the past.

Please note, that a whole three months prior to the WTC building tragedy, many of the Arab based world concerns, had been openly selling short, on both American and United Airlines.
These were the companies whos planes had been ramed into the world trade centers, when abducted by hijackers.

This was a statement of most crule fact, against Americans within their tradeing ways, as we were the last to know, that a proffit had actually been made off a terrorist act.

Maby within this tale of horror, there is the indication that something was drastically wrong with the way America had done busniess internationally?

This is with past respects to cloths made in sweatshops by foreigners, for Americans.This fact as well as soccer balls, constructed by captured or held in slavery, in India as well as Packestany children, all too young to work, for American proffit and goods made.

**Please note newsfile, ABC's Dianne Sawyer, in her visits to India, running onto a forced child sweat shop with the Indian Police, which had made goods for the international makets.

**These goods at times, as was said with the Kathy Lee and Frank Gifford case, to have been sold at two big American based department stores.

**There it seesm is really no morrality to this situation, other than it happened, to make proffit, I guess for a need filled.

I am sorry to have had to print this, but as the situation it seems to have painted the state of busniess affaires then, I am sorry to say that this was the turth?

I am not saying I am perfect within any castigation within my words here.

Be it known what I am saying, is maybe they should have taken a greater concerted effort, within the exploration of near space, rather than this action being composed of a false muse, which was a busniess journey to no-where, rather than truthfull colonization of near space?

There still is at this time, the web serch word, (hidden alien bases), which host a telling of some seventy hidden alien bases and some of these associations not based within acceptable parameters.

I am in my role here, functioning as an ambassador, due to my probable genetic relationship to a Cosmonaut by the name of Sem-ya-zee, spelled Semjase.

To be attacked for what you are, is a most disconcerting series of affairs that test the metle of the most hardened.

My hope at this time level, is that my at least talking of trying to make offworld connections, would have somehow elevaited Earth based mankind, into something more, than was considered then at the relative time level, near July in the year 2002.

Sworn, Creedo 299

This was an expierment as to how people on Earth would adjust to real aliens, if they were socially acceptable and had come out in the open in order to make contact with Earth humans.

Wasn't that already done a long time ago (albeit in a shocking way lol) prior to the movie launch of "War of the Worlds" ?