Cloudflare is targeting me


Chrono Cadet
This site has been compromised and I'm being sabotaged and targeted and my access blocked in tandem with cloudflare. Anyone who needs to contact me send me e-mail message. Cosmo has also deleted my friends account. Bruno I believe you were given instructions how to contact me we'll take it from there, I was not able to send any private messages because each time I'm being tracked by cloudflare. I am not someone who has been banned from here before or whatever Cosmo is thinking.
Splitting this to its own thread, let's keep the topics on topic please.

Gamerz will never return. He's a troll, and your continued association with, advocacy for and fixation with the account status of the person who floods this board with Sonic Spinball is strange. He's banned. The networks he uses are banned. That's what's happening.

If you are here to talk about strange ideas and explore different aspects of things that interest you, then you'll fit in and be welcomed. You can see that intent in my earlier posts to you. That's what TTI is for. That's why this site is here.

You aren't doing that though. You're being a disruption. I asked you to message me if you had questions about anything, but you'd rather flail and wail and make your assumptions and take another thread off topic. Stop it.